We are a Move of God!

Hello Everybody!

It’s so late right now, in fact it’s like past 1:44 am, but I had to share this song before I head to bed. This song by Elevation Worship  is sooooooo off the hook… ok, it’s like out of this world amaaaaazing  that my spirit is soooo shook up that I had to share it with y’all. It’s called Evidence.

I believe that the Lord wants someone to know that you are that special move of God. So many people are wanting God to move “something”, but fail to realize that you are that “something”that needs to move, in fact you are something even better, you are that “someone”. You have to be moved by God’s Spirit that causes you to do the impossible and make it possible. Stop waiting for someone to encourage you to move, the Spirit of God is saying “Move” because you are able, you can, you should and you WILL.

You are the miracle that you’re waiting to see. Believe it, because you are the evidence that Jesus is alive, and He is inside you. God is AWESOME! 😀


I pray that this song blesses your Spirit. Love ya! 😀

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