You In The Eyes of God

You have got to read this beautiful piece by Karina. Her mom was the inspiration for this post and it’s all about how God sees us in light of everything. There’s mans perspective and then there’s God’s perspective…we should always remember how God sees us at any point in our lives. May this post bless you today. God Bless! – Sherline 😀

Karina's Thought

At my parents’ new house in Paris, they used one room of the house as their private library. When I was helping them put the books on the shelf, I saw a small diary that written by hand writing “You in the Eyes of God” and there is my mom’s signature under the right corner on its cover. Don’t know why, I was tempted to saw the content of the diary. After I got permission from my mom to read her diary, at first I thought it was just a random thought of my mom but the more I read I became aware that the writing wasn’t just a random thought but rather to contemplation and it made my heart touched. My dear friend, this evening I love to share what my mom wrote about. Here it is…

You in the eyes of God

If Jacob saw Joseph as a…

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4 thoughts on “You In The Eyes of God

  1. Dear Sherline,
    Thanks for sharing this truly special event for your friend. It’s beautiful between her and her mother, but also a wonderful message and reminder for us. Wishing you a lovely Wednesday.
    ~Lauren 🌻🌹❤

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