The Power of a Man

I like what Evangelist Chilavert had to say about The Power of a Man. I agree with the statements he has used here and the Biblical references. It’s worth the read. If you want to see what he says is The Power of a Woman check out that post by clicking here.

chilavert nmezi ministries

The man in most cases is the head of most positions on earth. At least he is the head of the family and other privileged positions.

The power of a man is not to use his position to bully those who are not privileged like him, intimidate others, sexually harassing the junior staff of his company and if they don’t yield to his selfish desires they get fired.

The power of a man is not to take advantage of the feminine gender, involving in domestic violence, telling his spouse to do as as he says without mutual agreement, imposing his autocratic influence wherever he finds himself, in ministry, politics, organisation, company etc, No. You are not a man by showing off or by power tussle.

The power of a man is the ability to take responsibility in both good and bad times like Moses did by pleading for mercy on…

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