Trip Lee: Reverence Over Cool

Hello Peeps!

I want to post this awesome video that has Trip Lee (a Christian Rapper) talking to an audience about the concept of what we should strive for as Christians. We should pursue Reverence over Coolness. Divine Reverence towards our God allows us to operate in a realm where we see God as the standard measure of our moral compass rather than measuring our moral compass by the world’s standards. God’s moral standard for our lives is constant and unchanging whereas if we try to live life by “worldly” standards, we must understand that opting for such a standard means that you will indeed fluctuate, be unstable and will not be able to maintain some sense of consistency. God does not desire for us to live such a shaky standard and that is why we need to revere Him and his precepts found in the Bible to walk on solid ground.

Image result for reverence

Image result for reverence to GodIt is easy to be enticed to stray from God’s moral compass if we are tempted to move towards temporal pleasures that will add more sorrow and pain later on if we ignore God’s standards of living a successful life. It isn’t easy to remain in right-standing, because I believe it’s always a work in progress. However, we should walk on the narrow road where God leads us so that we pursue righteousness as a way of life rather than be mediocre in the choices that lead us to dark paths that could have been avoided had we revered the presence of the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit that knocks at our conscience.

It’s okay to be cool to the world, but don’t opt for coolness over reverence because coolness is only a definition given to you by how others see you, but reverence is a definition given to you based on how God sees you in relation to Him. 

So for today, focus on building a reverential fear towards the Lord and seek holiness as a way of life. It may not be popular to other people to behave in this way, however, we should really be yearning to please God over man’s standards of success. I pray that this video blesses your spirit today. God Bless You Everybody! 😀

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