29 Things to do More in Life. (Contd)

Hey Everybody! You’ve got to read this inspirational post by Rotimi Elijah. He has amazing points on what we should do in our lives. I believe that this post will bless you today. God Bless You Everybody! 😀

Inspire me

Having talked about 12 of the things to do more in life, here I will share the 17 remaining. I want you to always remember that a life that is not fulfilling is purpose is as good as dead.We all have things to offer to life, if you don’t offer anything, nothing will be offer to you. To offer something and shine in your world, you need to discover yourself and do more of some certain things in life such as we have been talking about.

#13. Do more than help, serve. When you serve, you have reason to do more for people. You will not only help but show a deep care for others.

#14. Do more than think, plan. We have talked about do more than think, create, yes… To be who you are meant to be, you got to not only think, you got to make…

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