Just Keepin’ it Real for Ya!

Hello Peeps!

I have a short motivation for your lovely Thursday by Pastor Marcus Gill. How many of you know that in this world you will have haters, but take heart, you’ve overcome their haterade lol 😀 . You don’t have to entertain people that clearly don’t want to have anything to do with you.

  • Image result for Luke 6:31 facebook bannerDon’t be needy for attention.
  • Don’t be an attention seeker either.
  • Learn to stay in your lane and keep going about your business.
  • Don’t associate yourself with people that prefer to associate with you in private but when in public spaces they refuse to acknowledge your existence.
  • Learn the difference between a real friend versus a fake friend. You’ll avoid a lifetime of pain when you learn to discern who’s really for you and who’s really against you.
  • Don’t cling onto dead-end relationships. If people want to be in your life, they’ll make an honest effort to be a part of it.
  • Remember that in order to have friends you have to be a friend so treat people in the way that you’d like to be treated.
  • Don’t take meaningful relationships for granted.
  • Always walk with integrity and self-respect.
  • Refuse to be a people-pleaser and choose to be a God-chaser.

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At the end of the day, the sum of who you are is determined by how you treat others in relation to yourself. If you lack dignity and self-respect, you won’t be able to treat others with respect so learn to build on having self-respect so that you don’t allow people to trample all over you, and that you in turn, don’t trample all over others in return. Be the kind of person that resembles the attitude of Christ in all that you do and you will draw people to you because of your loving nature and charisma.

Luke 6:31 [Full Chapter]

And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.

Do to others what you would have done to yourself, Amen! I pray that this short clip blesses you today. God Bless You Everybody! 😀

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