Your Name Can be a Hindrance to You

Image result for meaning of names gifsI know I did a post earlier in 2011 called “What is in a Name”, however, after reading Evangelist Chilavert’s post, it adds some more insight on the same subject matter. I think it’s worth the read. Enjoy!

chilavert nmezi ministries

People answer names depending on their family, origin, god, environment, tribe, region, nation, religion or the people they adore. The name you answer can be a hindrance to your destiny. Most people answer names they don’t know their meaning. Even when they know they think it has no effect on them. That was exactly what happened to Moses.

Moses was born in Egypt when the children of Israel were suppressed and killed. Moses’ sister Miriam with the consent of the mother made bulrushes for him and laid it in the reeds by the river’s bank. By peradventure, Pharaoh’s daughter saw him, adopted him and named him Moses (Exodus 2:10), meaning, saved or drawn out of water, and from that day water became a hindrance to Moses. Let me show you.

* The river Moses was drawn out from was where the Egyptians worship and sacrifice to the goddess of…

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