10 Things The Devil Loves About Your Church

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This is a reblogged post from Evangelist Shyju Mathew. I think it’s a great read…makes you think doesn’t it…..? What great things can make the Devil hate the church? Why doesn’t the Devil Hate the Church? Do we lack power, authority or conviction? Food for thought.  Enjoy this post everybody!


From as long as I can remember I grew up in a church, a Pentecostal Malayalee church to be specific. Even though we saw the enemy try to creep in from time to time, it was a blessed church that enriched us spiritually.

The Lord gave my young ministry further exposure when I got to travel at the age of 11 to preach the Word of God. In that light, I also saw how the enemy had his finger in many of those churches I travelled.

Here are few of the areas where the enemy tries to place his finger on and 10 things he would love to see in your church:

1. A Divided Church With Internal Politics

There is nothing worse than a church that has a kingdom of its own within the Kingdom. What frightens me the most is the carelessness and casualness with which people fight within the church.

Let us not forget that it was in the New Testament itself that Ananias and Sapphira was struck dead for lying against the Holy Spirit. It’s good to remember that the church is not our playground, it’s a holy body where God meets, speaks and ministers to His children.


2. A Sleeping Church Who Has No Time to Pray But Play:

It bothers me that a church gets a full attendance for a picnic but not even a 1/3rd attendance for a prayer meeting.

The devil is not afraid of such a lukewarm church because only a praying church is a fire breathing church.

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