Tamar ~ Hurt by Her Brother

I really love how Angela broke down the issues regarding the scandal between Tamar and her half brother. The issues she presents are not just one sided and can be relate-able for those that have bad counselors in their life that encourage and entice you to do something that can not only affect another person’s destiny, it can ultimately affect your own as well. Always seek to do what is right and pleasing before God rather than get all caught up in the lust of your own heart’s desires, Amen. Great Post my friend.

The Abundant Heart


Him to his
Sister entice.
He would nothing do,
But Amnon had a friend.
This friend unfriendly told him
How to acquire what he desired.
So to bed he went with illness feigned
And requested Tamar his nurse to be.
She came to him not knowing his intent;
But when he sent away the servants,
She implored him to use reason.
“Please ask: the king our father
Will surely give you me.
Do not this evil.”
He had his way.
Love melted

This is a very tender subject, and my heart goes out to Tamar. I have put off writing my post until the last possible minute simply because I am torn about what to say. There are certain things on my mind, but to say them I risk appearing judgmental. It is not at all my intention to throw any blame on Tamar for what…

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