Sunday’s Coming

Hello People! 😀

I just had to post this video for Easter Sunday. Our God conquered the grave by raising Himself from the dead on the third day. We’ve got to give our God the highest praise for that. Though we were dead in our sins, Christ died for us so that we could become free. We have the victory in Jesus because death has lost it’s victory, it has lost its sting. We can be redeemed by the powerful blood of Jesus Christ. I pray that this video will bless your spirit today. God Bless You Everybody! 😀

Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection ] From that time Jesus began to show to His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised the third day.

For He taught His disciples and said to them, “The Son of Man is being betrayed into the hands of men, and they will kill Him. And after He is killed, He will rise the third day.”

and they will mock Him, and scourge Him, and spit on Him, and kill Him. And the third day He will rise again.”

saying, “The Son of Man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised the third day.”

saying, ‘The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again.’”

Then He said to them, “Thus it is written, and thus it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day,

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