He Did It For You!

Hello Peeps!

I just wanted to post this upbeat and off the hook song by Uncle Reece called He Died and He Rose. Sometimes, I find that when you are talented, different artistically, unconventional in your methods to spread the Gospel of Truth to others, people will often criticize you simply because they are unfamiliar with the NEW. It’s funny because even the Lord does NEW things if you think about this scripture:

Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert.

If the Lord can do somethings that’s not been done before, then shouldn’t we be more expectant of miracles? Well, even in the realm of artistic differences and ingenuity, people will always criticize with what they aren’t familiar with. I mean, look at the children of Israel who grumbled as they were with Moses heading to the promised land…. They experienced many miracles that had not been done before during their captivity and even when they were brought out of it…and still you’ll always get that grumbling Believer who’ll have something to say simply because they aren’t grateful nor respectful of what the Lord offers.

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Jesus Rose from the Dead Just for You

The Lord is always offering to do a NEW thing… but if we aren’t expectant for it…then we settle for less than the best. When God wants to do something NEW, it isn’t something we are necessarily familiar with. It will always be something beyond our expectations and level of understanding. I mean, if it weren’t, then it wouldn’t be a miracle now would it? Fellow Christians have a habit of nit-picking at Christians who rise above the grain and stand out differently from the rest because God created them to be different from YOU in the first place.

As an army of God, there will be Generals God will raise up from every generation young and old who will do things that are beyond our expectations simply because they were willing and obedient to their callings. Do you yourself know what you are called to do? If you don’t, then let others rise without your complaints and praise God for using different forms of talents to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the nations. So my message today is to respect Miracles when God performs them, respect the message that He brings to us through multi-faceted ideas of creativity that can come from any source which includes music. We must be grateful for every miracle God performs, and for every Christian that He’s willing to use to showcase His Glory to the nations. As Christians, we should remain expectant for more than simply “just enough”. We serve a “More than enough” God, so I want more Miracles to appear in my Life, don’t You? Amen.

Also remember, the greatest Miracle God Gave us was His Son Jesus. He was Born, Suffered, Died and three days later, rose from the grave in fulfillment of the Scriptures. Jesus wants us to have life, and a life more abundant so I pray that the song I have here in this post will bless your spirit today. God Bless You Everybody! 🙂


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