The Rise of the Remnant

Hello Peeps!

I wanted to share this interesting video that my Aunt shared with me via WhatsApp. It’s about a pastor talking about the rise of the Remnant.

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I think personally, the World is in need of the Remnant that is after God’s heart who are not easily swayed by the things that entice people to stray from the Word of God (The Bible) by:

  • listening to those that speak sweet nothings to those who have itching ears to hear falsehood or un-Biblical teachings;
  • listening to a Word that is taken out of context to suit a personal fleshy agenda;
  • listening to a Word that feeds the flesh and not the Spirit of a man;
  • listening to a Word that contradicts the true intention and meaning of what God actually said.

We truly are living in perilous times and need to be attentive to not be so easily enticed by showy preachers, teachers, evangelists etc, including false prophets/prophetess’.

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If a person’s teaching contradicts the actual Word of God (The BIBLE), then we have to question the message itself.

Is it a message spoken by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit or is the message inspired by the desires of the flesh?

As Christians, we individually need to concern ourselves with building upon growing in discernment since the days are quite evil and people can be easily swept up by enticing words that can lead them astray from God’s true message of Salvation.

Image result for hearing from GodIt is important that we study to show ourselves approved so that we can discern when someone is speaking or sharing a word that is out of context. Don’t be that individual waiting for a Sunday service to get your Word fix. Learn the grow in the Word for yourself as you also attend church so that you can increase in personal knowledge and discernment that will protect you from being led astray by false teachings.

There is nothing worse than a passive and inattentive Christian just riding along whatever anyone says as long as it feeds their fleshy selves.

God doesn’t want us as people to feed our flesh… If anything, as Christians, it is pertinent that we focus on feeding our Spirits so that we can grow closer to God and hear clearly and directly from the Holy Spirit. You can only hear from the Holy Spirit if you tune into the right frequency of His language which can only be found in God’s Word – The Holy Bible. If you aren’t reading that book each day….then how does one expect to hear directly from the Holy Spirit? Think about all this as you watch this video today. I pray that it blesses your spirit today. God Bless You Everybody! 😀

5 thoughts on “The Rise of the Remnant

  1. Amen Sherline. We have to be diligent, rely on God,and He will direct us, explain a verse me might not understand, show us His path for us, etc… Never relying on what “man” is telling us. Even if that person is sharing what’s right, it might be the path God wants them to take, not necessarily the path He has intended for us. God bless you :):)

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