Self Respect – I’m all about that!

I was contemplating about what it means to have self-respect  since I have often come across people that lack it and suffer so many things in this life because that have not developed a strong self-esteem. I came up with a few things that I consider to be my list of things that I believe are a part of the definition of self-respect and anyone can use this as a basis or starting point when reflecting on the areas that they have to work at in order to build on it and maintain a high level of self-respect.  It is as much an attitude as it is a lifestyle and I can tell you that it’s not easy to maintain but we can all work towards it when we put our mind to it. This list is also something I have been putting into practice and I am still working on it since I am a constant work in progress so mind you it is not an exhaustive list. If you have more to add, please do comment in the comment box below. I’m happy to hear from others point of view.

Self RESPECT says:

I deserve the respect I give is what I expect in return.

I will NOT compromise with God’s moral compass over my life (Luke 9:23; John 8:12; John 10:27; John 12:26).

I have a brain and can think for myself (2 Corinthians 10:5).

I know what it means to serve others above myself (Galatians 5:13).

I will NOT be someone’s doormat!

I will NOT allow myself to be abused, nor will I be abusive to others (Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31).

I will learn to LISTEN rather than be HEARD.

I will exercise SELF-CONTROL (Galatians 5:23; Titus 1:8 ; 2 Peter 1:6).

I will humble myself before my peers rather than be arrogant and full of PRIDE (James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5).

I will NOT cause someone to compromise against GOD’s moral Standard (Romans 14:13).

I will NOT believe in the words of GOSSIP nor will I become a GOSSIPER (Psalm 101:5; Proverbs 10:18).

I will NOT allow bitterness to consume me (Hebrews 12:15).

I will assess my motivations and intentions before taking a course of action.

I will learn to FORGIVE as CHRIST has done for Me (Psalm 85:2; Psalm 86:5; Daniel 9:9; Matthew 6:12; Matthew 6:14; Mark 11:25; Mark 11:26).

I will give a lending hand to those in NEED (Matthew 25:36-38).

I understand and recognize that I am born to be Blessed to be a BLESSING wherever I go (Deuteronomy 28:3; Revelation 22:14)

I will sacrifice my time and be selfless to others and NOT be selfish.

I will study to show myself approved (Psalm 119:104; Proverbs 4:7; Proverbs 19:8).

I will focus on the goal and NOT the obstacles (Philippians 3:13-14).

I acknowledge my weaknesses, failures, mistakes and refuse to be IN DENIAL of them.

I accept correction, training, rebuke from my mentors when I’m straying from the road (Hebrews 12:7; 2 Timothy 3:16).

I accept that it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).

I will learn to LOVE and not HATE (1 Corinthians 13).

I will understand that bad things can also happen to GOOD people.

I will accept GOD’s MERCY and GRACE and refuse SELF-CONDEMNATION (Romans 8:1).

I will NOT laugh at anothers misfortune no matter what wrong they have done to me.

I will NOT envy other peoples belongings and relationships (Deuteronomy 5:21).

I will handle other people’s belongings as I would if they were my own.

I will NOT look to the left nor to the right and will look at what’s right in front of me.

I will practice self-meditation and reflect on what I have to do to personally change for the better (Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:2; Psalm 119:15; Psalm 119:27)..

I will NOT point the finger at someone else if I haven’t fixed my own personal issues (Matthew 7:3).

I will look for the GOOD in people instead of focusing on criticizing on the BAD (Romans 14:19; 1 Thessalonians 5:11).

I will accept that I am LOVED by GOD above all persons (John 3:16).

I choose to be different because I am UNIQUE and refuse to be a Copycat (Psalm 139:14).

I will choose to think POSITIVE and reject the NEGATIVE.

I am a CHILD of GOD and I BELIEVE IT (Acts 3:25; Romans 8:14; Romans 8:19; Galatians 3:26).

I believe I am FREE in Christ – Whom the Son sets free is FREE indeed! (John 8:36).

I will NOT REACT when offended and will learn how to RESPOND appropriately to maintain peace.

I will choose my battles wisely.

I will meditate on the WORD of GOD and remember the TRUTH within my heart (Psalm 40:10).

I understand that hurting people hurt people and that I will NOT do the same to hurt another.

I acknowledge that a WRONG + WRONG doesn’t = RIGHT.

I understand that GOD is my source and HE is the supplier of ALL my Needs (Philippians 4:19).

I will focus on my NEEDS over my WANTS.

I will surround myself with wise counsel and repel the rebellious ones (Proverbs 1:5; Proverbs 12:15; Proverbs 19:20; Proverbs 24:6).

I will focus on working more on my Integrity over my Reputation.

I will seek to be PROACTIVE rather that INACTIVE.

I will learn to PARTICIPATE rather than ISOLATE myself from others.

I will overcome EVIL with GOOD with GOD’s help (Romans 12:21).

I understand my limitations and seek God for strength (2 Samuel 22:33;Psalm 18:2 ; Psalm 18:32 ; Psalm 73:26; Psalm 77:14 ; Psalm 140:7 ).

I know that my ways are foolishness to GOD so I will seek His ways above my own (Isaiah 55:8).

I will pursue purpose with integrity (Job 31:6; Psalm 7:8).

I will RESPECT others as I RESPECT MYSELF. Registered & Protected


24 thoughts on “Self Respect – I’m all about that!

  1. This is a fabulous message. I struggle a lot with self-love and self-esteem, which certainly impacts my self-respect. I’m my own harshest critic, and I’m learning to accept and love myself for who I am though. Thanks for including the relevant scripture too- it’ll give me some passages to look through this week.


    • So true and yet when we get caught up in the heat of the moment we tend to forget that. Reactions seems to take precedence over our faculties to respond appropriately. It’s a tough thing to harness self-control.


  2. this is a great post and very timely for me, to be in pain most of the times you loss self respect and trust for yourself but with this post you remind me that I am beautiful…. 🙂 thank you so much for sharing this…. God Bless!


  3. Excellent!!! Tell it like it IS. What a powerful message. I pray for those who are really needing to hear a message of such, God will direct them to this post. May all who struggle grow strong in who we are and not who we ought to be or wanna be as well as letting someone dictate who or what they ” think ” we are if it’s not positive and uplifting. We are children of the Most High and if no one is encouraging to raise the bar to help someone with low self esteem, God already made it happen. We just need to claim it!! To God be the glory. Bless you for this post. It stirred my spirit up for the good…… praying for those having a hard time. In Jesus they can overcome.


  4. Sherline, this post is amazing! How were you able to compile this whole list?
    The two that hit most were:
    “I will handle other people’s belongings as I would if they were my own.”
    “I acknowledge that a WRONG + WRONG doesn’t = RIGHT.”
    Lovely post!!! 🙂


    • Lol I compiled it from my own personal walk and personal self-philosophy. I felt that I should maybe share it with those struggling with their own self worth. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made so we should recognize that and act like it too. I’m glad that somethings in the post resonated with you.
      Thanks for reading Mike! God Bless You 😀


  5. This is definitely your most popular post! I love the self-affirmations you put together here. Thanks for simplifying things. Now I know exactly where to direct anyone with low self-esteem!

    I love how you said that you should be yourself since everyone else is taken. I agree with Mike. It must have taken hours to put this post together! Another job well done. You’ve set quite a bar. Looks like I’ll have to step my game up lol!

    God bless you Nyasha


    • LOL Tarisai. Thank you. The list wasn’t so difficult to come up with as it was to find relevant scripture. Thank GOD for! I hope it blessed you. Thanks for the encouragement and kind comments.

      Stay blessed in all that you do 😀


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