Thought of the Day: So You’re Christian Huh?

Hi Everybody!

I think I’m on spoken word mode.  This video I’m sharing really makes you look at where you stand in Christ. It’s one thing to know about God, but it’s another to be in relationship with Him. We can’t have an acquaintance-like relationship with Jesus by knowing Him in Name only and yet ignore Him for who He really is to us; He is our Lord and Savior and King of kings. May this Video help us to search deep within to know where we really stand. It’s amazing how much scripture Shawn Presley used in his spoken word, but the truth is needed to be heard in order to confront that which we try to shove under the carpet.

It’s amazing how much we try not to face ourselves when we say we are walking “in Christ” and yet live jaded lives thinking that God is blind to our acts of omission or commission to sin. In some cases, we Christians act engaged to Christ and yet are divorced from the Father’s love for us for the mere fact that we aren’t living for God wholly. It’s sad to have a part-time Christian faith when really God seeks a full-time marriage commitment of Faith.  If we are the Bride of Christ as we so claim, we must no longer portray a mistress status with our King. Let’s dig deep and pray that the Church of Jesus Christ wakes up to see its real face and not live a compromised life swaying like a pendulum with the world’s way of living and start pursuing righteousness for what it is- living in right-standing with Christ. May we confess before God for not really being what we are meant to be in His Eyes which is to be Joint-Heirs with Christ Jesus. We can’t claim to be a powerful church, if we aren’t even plugged-in to the source which is in Christ our solid Rock, our redeemer and foundation of faith. May God help us be the Church that we ought to be and may we as Christians humble ourselves before the King of kings and repent for not being what we should be before Him. Let’s re-align ourselves back to the heart of the Father and seek to live in right-standing with Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, Amen!

Enjoy the Video and God bless you Everybody!

Spoken Word: Counterfeit Gods

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I love Passion for Christ Ministries (P4CM) for what it offers to the NOW Generation. So much talent with speakers that relate to the young generation and speak truth in a language that they can truly understand and relate to. This video that I am posting is a spoken word by Jefferson Bethke that really addressed the issue of how  modern day Counterfeit Gods (aka Idolatry) affect our relationship with God in a truthful poetic way. I know it will minister to you today.

God Bless You Everybody!

Atomic Power of Prayer by Cindy Trimm

Hi Everybody!
As you know I’m a reader and love listening to wisdom. I came across this prayer by Cindy Trimm in my time of prayer. She’s an author of the book Commanding your Morning and Rules of Engagement etc. If you hear this prayer…I think this is what we need to do in the times right now. We need to up our prayers right now and arrest those things that are contrary to the Will of God. Declare and Decree and listen to this prayer. Spread it so that you start to believe and intercede for your nations, your cities, your workplaces, your churches, your neighbourhoods, your family and yourself. It was soo powerful when I heard this and I want to share it here and spread the faith of this powerful prayer. We need to get serious and call out to our God to bless the land as we humble ourselves and pray for forgiveness and ask the Lord to Cover the land with the Blood of Jesus. Let NOT the evil one have his way over your nations and your lives. I am stirred to share this so May it bless you today in JESUS’ Name.

Full Version

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My Memory of Yesterday Gone

I said goodbye to Yesterday,

A memory that was nothing but a dream,

filled  with regrets, mistakes, pains that have past,

I live knowing I am redeemed.

I said goodbye to Yesterday,

The shock of wrongs done and depressed by affliction,

I shed my tears of floods and rain

knowing full well I had more to gain.

I said goodbye to Yesterday,

I cannot erase what has been done

only looking forward and forward I run,

towards this unending beaming sun.

I said goodbye to Yesterday,

Yes, Yes, the day is  already done.

Tomorrow is coming, I stand to sing,

Yesterday is truly gone.

(c) 2011-2012 Sherline N.T. Registered & Protected

If you wrote a Song for me

If you wrote a song for me,

what would it be?

Would it be one about birds, leaves, or trains?

or one about clothes, bags, or planes?

If I wrote a song for you,

how would it be?

I’ve often thought about a song,

now I need to find a beat.

If you’ve found the song to sing,

would it be about you or me?

If I found a song to write,

would you listen to it please?

My mouth is yearning to sing this song

and my heart has written the piece.

It’s a string of notes with harmony

and vamps of rhythmic melody.

Won’t you help me sing my song?

The song I want to Sing?

Hear it pouring out of my soul

just for all to see.

(c) 2011 Sherline N.T. Registered & Protected