The Dying Gooseberry Tree Arose

I remember when I lived with my Grandparents in Kenya at around the age of 10, we had lots of trees in the Garden and one of them was a Gooseberry Tree. We lived in the tropical equatorial area so we had a rainforest like garden. The Gooseberry tree was the type of tropical tree that made these awesome tasting berries that I had ever tasted except there was this one that grew in the middle of the garden that was short in stature and had stunted growth. It was about 3 feet tall which is pretty short for a tree that had been in the garden for some years and so it was a dying tree if not a dead tree that wouldn’t produce fruit despite the plenty rain we had and the amount of sun that shone in the garden.


I was puzzled as to why for some reason it just wouldn’t thrive. So one day as I was walking in the garden with my twin sister Sharon and my Grandpa, I asked him.

“Why doesn’t this tree grow since it has enough sunshine and rain to grow?”.

My Grandpa replied,

“I don’t know, but I don’t think any amount of water will make this tree grow. It’s an odd tree so I might have to ask the Gardener to cut it down since it looks like it’s rotting away”.

For some reason I was pained to see this tree get cut down so I asked my Grandfather,

“If I prayed for it to grow and watered it, do you think it will grow? Will you stop the gardener from cutting the tree”.

My Grandfather was gracious and amused by my question and request. He replied in response,

  “You can try but if it doesn’t grow within the week, we have to cut this tree down because it looks so ugly in the middle of the garden”.

I was so happy that he gave me the chance to water this tree so as I watered this seemingly dead and rotting Gooseberry tree, I began to talk to it and said,

“Listen here tree, I’m going to pray to God so that you can live. I’m watering you but only God can save you from being cut. I want to eat your fruit because I love gooseberries so you’ve gotta co-operate with me and make this happen”.

My Grandfather watched and laughed amused by my conversation with the dead and rotting Gooseberry tree. I also said to the tree as I prayed to God for it,

“Lord, Jesus was able to command a fig tree to die in the Bible…I believe this same Jesus can command this tree to live, so please Father, stop my grandfather from cutting this tree! Why should this tree die?! Let this tree live and let it bear fruit because I want to eat the berries out of this tree. This tree is in the middle of the garden, it has no excuse to die since the sun and rain reach it. Please Lord, let this tree live and bear fruit by the power of your Son’s name, Jesus Christ. AMEN!”.

I watered it and left it. As a 10 year old kid I had a strange compassion for this tree. I felt like I didn’t want to lose hope even in the beauty of the nature that surrounded us. I love plants so I loved this tree out of all the others for some reason even though we had other trees, this tree was my special tree. We did have other gooseberry trees around but the monkeys kept eating the fruit of those trees so it was more of a “survival of the fittest” and a competition to get even one gooseberry from those trees. I made an executive decision and decided that the dead one was going to be my tree and I even thought that I didn’t want even the monkeys to touch this tree or mess with it because I had prayed over it.


So I woke up the very next morning, had my breakfast and did all the things a 10 year old kid would want to do on a weekend and thought about going out into the garden to water the tree so that I could nurture it back to health and pray for it again since the deadline for its complete removal was in a week. As I headed out with my sister into the garden, I was walking to the middle of the garden and something strange had happened. I couldn’t find the tree! I was filled with sorrow I thought to myself,

“Grandpa How COULD YOU!!!!”

but my sister Sharon said as she tapped my shoulder, “Hey, isn’t that the tree that you watered yesterday”.

I took a quick glance and looked at a tree that I didn’t recognize being there and answered without a thought,

“NO! That’s not my tree! My tree is about 3 ft high this one is about 7 feet high…I don’t remember this tree being in the garden. Help me find Grandpa so he can give me an explanation!”

Before I could hear what my sister had to say I saw my Grandpa coming out into the garden and ran out to him. I screamed at him asking him,

“WHERE IS MY TREE! Grandpa you promised me a week, where is my TREE!?”.

I literally was grieving…I mean it was ridiculous how mournful I was over that tree but I had hope that within a week I could at least nurse it back to health but I felt betrayed by my grandpa for breaking his promise. I was hysterical…it was a sad state of affairs. He looked at me being hysterical and laughed at me and said,

“I didn’t order the gardener to cut the tree yet. Let’s go see where that tree is together”.

He took my hand and he gently guided me to the same spot that my tree should have been left standing. I was too busy crying over it that I didn’t notice anything strange. All of a sudden my grandpa stopped abruptly and gasped. I looked at him and then looked at what he was looking at. He was looking at the tree my sister had mentioned earlier, the one that I didn’t recognize ever being in the garden. I began to realize my grandfathers expression was one of shock, amazement, bewilderment and he was pretty much dumbfounded because the tree that we were both looking at was my Gooseberry tree!


The gooseberry tree stood at least 7 feet high and it had gooseberry fruits in it’s branches! I couldn’t believe my eyes…I mean…Grandpa, my sister Sharon and I were staring and gawking at the tree for a good 20 minutes. I remember how silent we were in all that time as we gawked at it.

My grandpa ran inside to call my grandma to show her the tree. It was insane…was this the tree we saw yesterday at 3 feet, dying and rotting away??????? It was….no it had to be a miracle. I thought to myself….God heard my prayer! God really heard my prayer!!!!??????? Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!. I was soo excited beyond belief that we couldn’t get over it. My grandmother came out to see the tree and she was dumbfounded. I plucked one gooseberry and ate one… and let me tell you it was the sweetest most amazing of all the berries I had ever tasted…it was awesome!!! I knew for sure that God had blessed this tree and heard my prayer but I didn’t expect it to be an overnight miracle. I looked at my grandpa and smirked and said…

“Well, it seems that God answered my prayer! What do you say to that?!”. LOL I chuckled with a grin on my face.

My grandpa tried to explain it away with science but I shook my head and declared,

“Come on Grandpa….no amount of science can explain how a dead thing came back to life and even bore fruit in one night! It’s GOD MAN!!! It’s gotta be GOD. There is no other explanation than that!”…

My grandfather kept quiet and was silent for a long time…all he could do was stare at this tree with amazement. He then said to me….

“You must be special because God heard your prayers immediately that even I am scared of you”.

I laughed because I thought he was joking but he really meant that. I said to my Grandpa…

“It’s faith Grandpa! You’re the one who taught me how to have faith in the first place!”

He replied, “I know…but you have more faith than me, that’s why it’s scarey. God must really love you to hear your prayer immediately”.

I laughed it off and said in response to that, “No, God loves you for teaching me to have faith in Him in the first place, that’s why the prayer was answered”.

The gooseberry tree kept growing day after day and bore more and more fruit that it was a glorious tree. I am convinced that it was a blessed tree. I kept watering it each day until I could see that it was self sustaining. The monkeys never ate off that tree and pillaged the other trees of its fruit  which also meant that God had heard my thoughts about no monkeys eating on this particular tree. That kind of shook me as well. I mean…God even hears my THOUGHTS! WHOA!!!!!

It was my miracle tree and I thank God for saving it. I know that this story seems silly,crazy and unreal but God even cares for things like plants so it was an amazing thing to see God pull this wonder in my life. It was indeed a story worth telling. It’s shaped how and why I think prayer is so important. We have not if we ask not and clearly, I knew after all this that God can truly do anything, including resurrecting a dead plant back to life and making it a blessed tree that even bears fruit.  God astounds me much!


This is a true story and it’s just something that I had forgotten a long long time ago but I thought it was a funny story to share with you. I know it sounds nuts but when I look back on that tree miracle…I often wonder what kind of level of faith did I have as a kid? I mean as you grow older it seems that our faith isn’t at the level as  a child so I really want to get back to that “Child like” faith level because obviously it can move mountains. We have to get back to that faith the size of a mustard seed so that’s why I’m sharing this crazy and yet amazing true story.

Do you have any miracle stories? Well I have more that I have experienced and I will continue to share them in this section whenever I can. You don’t have to believe them but I am narrating from my personal life so even if you do not believe just enjoy the story. It’s okay because I’m sure I’ll have a few skeptics concerning my stories but I cannot deny what I have experienced and will continue to praise God for everything. Thanks for reading and I hope this inspired you.


12 thoughts on “The Dying Gooseberry Tree Arose

  1. Sherline,
    Awesome. Thanks for sharing this. Faith is the unseen. It doesn’t matter what others believe but what you believe and the miracle that was revealed to you. You obviously had the characters, that God has for us, you had for that tree. Love, bearing fruit, compassion and mercy.

    You stood in the gap for a tree, and believed in God to do whats impossible to man.


    • Wow, I didn’t see it that way as a kid but you’ve blessed me with your words. Indeed Faith is the unseen. As a kid seeing this miracle manifest in less than 24 hours I almost thought it was a fluke…but a fluke can’t even pull something like what I saw and experienced. Thank you so much for your kind words. It reveals something in my inner being that I didn’t see at the time when I was a kid.

      God Bless you 😀


  2. That was the cutest story ever! It doesn’t sound nuts to me but it does make me wish I had such faith! It reminds us how important “childlike” faith really is! Faith that believes when the rest of the world is telling you to not believe one bit. I want more faith! 🙂 Good story.


  3. Oh man! I have never had such a wonderful time laughing in my life! Please put more stories up, Nyasha, please? I’m actually still laughing as I write this!

    I love how you used the Word as you were declaring life into the tree. I also love how your prayer was so specific and directly to the point. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that’s exactly where your faith was fueled. If we are not specific and direct with our prayers and believe them ourselves, how can we expect God to move?

    This was really such a funny story. Thank you for sharing this!

    God bless you Nyasha 🙂


  4. Awesome!! Thank you Lord.. I truly believe in the miraculous.. I could send you a list of things that I need prayer for and need the miraculous! LOL… I just love your blog. Keep up the good work!


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