Live Accordingly – A Spoken Word by Chris Webb

Hello Peeps!

I wanted to post this Spoken Word (a type of poetry style) by Chris Webb. When I heard his message, I wanted to entitle the title of this post called “Live Accordingly” because that is what the central message of his spoken word is about. Listen intently to what he says because he speaks some serious truths that we can’t ignore in our Christian walk. I pray that this video blesses your spirit today. God Bless You Everybody! 😀

Thought of the Day: So You’re Christian Huh?

Hi Everybody!

I think I’m on spoken word mode.  This video I’m sharing really makes you look at where you stand in Christ. It’s one thing to know about God, but it’s another to be in relationship with Him. We can’t have an acquaintance-like relationship with Jesus by knowing Him in Name only and yet ignore Him for who He really is to us; He is our Lord and Savior and King of kings. May this Video help us to search deep within to know where we really stand. It’s amazing how much scripture Shawn Presley used in his spoken word, but the truth is needed to be heard in order to confront that which we try to shove under the carpet.

It’s amazing how much we try not to face ourselves when we say we are walking “in Christ” and yet live jaded lives thinking that God is blind to our acts of omission or commission to sin. In some cases, we Christians act engaged to Christ and yet are divorced from the Father’s love for us for the mere fact that we aren’t living for God wholly. It’s sad to have a part-time Christian faith when really God seeks a full-time marriage commitment of Faith.  If we are the Bride of Christ as we so claim, we must no longer portray a mistress status with our King. Let’s dig deep and pray that the Church of Jesus Christ wakes up to see its real face and not live a compromised life swaying like a pendulum with the world’s way of living and start pursuing righteousness for what it is- living in right-standing with Christ. May we confess before God for not really being what we are meant to be in His Eyes which is to be Joint-Heirs with Christ Jesus. We can’t claim to be a powerful church, if we aren’t even plugged-in to the source which is in Christ our solid Rock, our redeemer and foundation of faith. May God help us be the Church that we ought to be and may we as Christians humble ourselves before the King of kings and repent for not being what we should be before Him. Let’s re-align ourselves back to the heart of the Father and seek to live in right-standing with Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, Amen!

Enjoy the Video and God bless you Everybody!

Spoken Word: Counterfeit Gods

Hi Everybody!

I love Passion for Christ Ministries (P4CM) for what it offers to the NOW Generation. So much talent with speakers that relate to the young generation and speak truth in a language that they can truly understand and relate to. This video that I am posting is a spoken word by Jefferson Bethke that really addressed the issue of how  modern day Counterfeit Gods (aka Idolatry) affect our relationship with God in a truthful poetic way. I know it will minister to you today.

God Bless You Everybody!

Inspiration Sunday: It’s Our Time

Hi Everybody!

Happy Sunday! I just found this cool video to inspire and encourage your spirit. It’s Time for the Church of Jesus Christ to rise is it’s main message. It’s a spoken word type of poetry and it just is amazing. I’m sure you’ll be blessed by it as it also blessed me.

God Bless You everybody and enjoy!

Silence is Deadly

Hi Everybody!

If you loved The Lie of “Almost” poetry post by Poet Eziekel than I think you’ll love this one too. It’s called Silence is Deadly. I love truth spoken in this artisitc fashion. May this Spoken Word bless you today.