Glamour of the Night

I walked outside and saw the moon

so full and bright that it caught my gaze

I was transfixed by its glowing power

to hold my shining face like a yearning flower.

Gravity pull me closer in this awesome light,

feel of the winter breeze flow past this night.

I was dancing in the reflection of this awesome river

of candlelit shadows of the fire flies,

that bounce and fleet in circles delight,

I see them dim in this bright night.

I saw many jewels strewn across the sky

No sun, just moon, and stars so bright,

I can’t believe the strength I have to fight,

to be swept by the wonder of this illuminating moment,

that has captured my gaze caught in this phase

of the fullness of one that has radiated my heart,

to seek jewels painted across this dark canvass

that keeps me here.

The quiet, the stillness, the chill of the evening air,

I am amazed by the glamour of this night,

that has washed away my sorrows, my internal plight.

I have danced, I have sighed, I have caught my breath,

To this awesome wonder of this bright sight.

(c) 2011 Sherline N.T. Registered & Protected

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