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So I’ve welcomed myself to the wonderful world of blogging. In fact it’s a miracle that I’m doing this at all considering how I lack the time to do this but this is an effort to get my creative thoughts flowing. I would like to start off saying that I one day hope to become a prolific writer one of these days, however, I lack the training to do so and time. I’m a legal assistant by profession, and have a university degree in criminology and law and society. Why make mention of this? Well, you will notice that in some of my writings, I tend to take a criminological philosophical point of view. I’m just stating the warning so that you understand where I am coming from in terms of my opinions and thought processing.

I hope that as I get this started, I’ll be consistent in posting random posts.

My first blog will be a critic on a movie that came out yesterday in theatres called CASE 39. I am not really doing a movie review per say, however I hope you enjoy the commentary I have about it. I draw on topics that explore Hell, Death and Evil.

Feel free to comment. Plus just to get the record straight, I don’t mind people who critic my comments and have their own take on subjects I post on here. However, having said that, I will not tolerate inflammatory comments that are both non-constructive and baseless.  Anyway, this blogging thing is just for fun so enjoy the journey everyone.

If anybody has any questions that they don’t want to ask via my blog through the comments section of any post; alternatively, you can private message me via my email at nightshade130@hotmail.com, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. God Bless Everybody! 🙂

62 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I like that, straight to the point and blunt about it. Ty for sub to my blog, do you have one or should I just click to follow. Do let me know, and I be coming back as much as possible. God Bless 🙂




  3. I have been meaning for some time to visit your blog….I have seen your loving comments to bipolarmuse and I am encouraged by your supportive words. Browsing through your blog, I have been blessed to witness your strong faith, and your practical and heartfelt applications of it. I applaud your efforts on an inspiring blog….I too am a lover of the word, and immersed myself in the study of them for years earlier in my life. The words have never left me, taking up residence, and abiding in my spirit, and springing up on their own throughout many of lifes circumstances…..it is a word that is alive and grows along with us…..happy to have discovered what you have here, and have followed you to keep up with your work……I really enjoyed my time here. Thank you and bless you
    love and light


    • Thank you so much for youf heart-warming comments. I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment by your words. I hope that whatever I write helps others. That is my personal prayer. I started the blog for self-therapy reasons at first to get my thoughts on paper after a whirlwind of emotions and crazy things that happened to me during the last couple of years but this has been a long journey of learning for me. Writing it my gift so I want to share it in this blogosphere is my first platform. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and being a lover of the Word. The Word is a lamp unto my feet and it directs my path. Love is from God and I want to spread it in this world even if it’s through words of encouragement or thought provoking pieces. Love must spread all around so that people know that they are not alone, God Loves you, God is Love, Love is in Us so let’s share it all around.

      Thank you once again for you comments.
      God bless you and keep you Celeste.


  4. Writing to request if permission for creative use on-line is required on your photo (NO LIMITS). We like to use it for electronic marketing purposes. Please advize ASAP.

    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

    Dominion International Ministries


  5. Hi Sherline, I love to share this, “7×7 Link Award” with your goodself. I wish you can accept this.The details are in my latest post. But, no pressure okay, Sherline? Congratulations and Happy studying. !!!


  6. sherline,

    My good friend, I want to share the Beautiful Blog Award with you, you truly have a Beautiful soul and outlook on life. I do love what you did with your blog, so please do check it out. God Bless 🙂


    • Wow PJ, thank you so much for the award. I’m really blessed to have met you here in this blog world. you were my second blog friend after Michael so I’m really touched by this award. Thank you hun 😀


  7. Very interesting blog and I’ve read a few of your posts. i’m a first time visitor but I will be following. I forget how I got here but when I saw your gravatar and the beautiful banner for your blog I had to visit.


  8. Sherline, quick question and you can email me the answer. What city are you in? I’m trying to learn where my readers are coming from. Right now I have readers on six continents, all over the world. Many from California and the west side. Just wondering… Thanks Res


  9. Hello dear, i missed a lot of your posts here so give me a chance on reading them backwards ;D God bless you more and more!


  10. Hello greetings, came across your blog here and decided you’ve got a new follower right here- the name’s Josephus, but you can call me “Joppa”. This is a really cool blog design right here. Check me out in return when you get a chance.


  11. Hello! I look forward to really diving into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministry. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st. — Sebastian


  12. Hi Nyasha, I nominated you for the one lovely blogger award even though you already have it. You truly are an amzazing blogger and i have been greatly encouraged by your posts. Keep it up!


  13. Sherline, thank you for your post on false humility written in 2011. A few years has passed since you wrote that post but I am thankful you shared your sharp insights on the topic. I posted it on Googleplus. Hopefully more will come to know about God’s standards through your pen. Blessings to you.


  14. You have always inspired me Sherline! Thank you:) Keep us in your prayers. Please write more frequently whatever the Lord puts on ur heart. Your depth of Word and prophetic accuracy along with strategy and the delicacteness with which you express it all has left me coming back for more. I wish others could see like you do and sacrifice like you do. You have been thru such a lot. Thank you for being open. many times when I was so low, your posts would just put me on track again. Thank you from the depths of my heart. 🙂
    Your sis,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww thanks Laurie. You know this whole time I’ve been in hospital hence the lack of blogging content on my blog for the past few months. Once I’m out of the hospital I will testify of the goodness of God in my life. It’s been an uphill battle so I just ask that you keep me in your prayers. God is good all the time and I will continue to give Him the highest praise.

      Your sis,
      Sherline 😀

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