Calling on the Blood of Jesus – Travis Greene’s Amazing Testimony

Hello Peeps!

Image result for snowing gifHope you are having a wonderful Tuesday morning 😀 . It snowed quite a bit last night and I personally don’t like snow. It’s funny, when I was a kid I looked forward to it when I lived in Germany but when I moved to China… the cold was just biting cold and I hated having to do PE (Physical Education a.k.a Gym class) outside in the cold in my shorts. I can’t believe they made us do PE in that biting cold. I remember having pneumonia a few times during this winter season so I hate snow with a passion now. Nice to look at… nice to play in for a time… but driving in that mess is just treacherous. Having to live here with it in Canada… well it comes with the territory, so I guess I shouldn’t complain, lol 😀 .

This is where I embrace my Africaness conveniently at such times….I was born to live in the sun lol. Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit about the snow…it’s not that bad, but I honestly don’t like driving in it. Compared to when I drove through in a flood in window deep water a few years ago (you can read that crazy story by clicking here)… I think I can handle a flood more than snow… I know… I’m weird. Not that I wish for another flood… HELL NO!!! I’m just sayin’ that I wasn’t as scared driving in a flood as oppose to driving through in a snow storm… I am a weird one, I know, lol 😀 .

Image result for Travis Greene

Travis Greene

Image result for TestimonyAnyways, I have this inspirational video of Travis Greene (Gospel artist) preaching about why he is so passionate about God. He has a powerful testimony that I’d like to share here on this blog today to get you thinking about having that attitude of gratitude towards God when He does something miraculous in your life. When Travis was young, he had lived in Germany and had fallen 4 stories off a balcony at the age of 4! Many witnesses thought he was dead… and his mother took a hold of his body and prayed calling out the Name of Jesus twice and nothing happened. Then she called out the Blood of Jesus and miraculously, Travis revived. The grace of God is so amazing in that when people think you’re dead, God is the one that brings you back to life.

Image result for TestimonyI nearly died a couple years ago due to a sickness I had to endure (encephalitis – an inflammation of the brain that causes short-term memory loss) and had multiple seizures in the process while I was in hospital… but thanks to a praying family, I have fully recovered and got my wits about me. I am very thankful to God for having healed me and being able to have a new lease on life. I think that when I consider those that were there for me and those that disappear when things happen to you, it opens up your eyes to see who is truly genuine in your life. I don’t believe in holding onto people that won’t hold onto you… Just let them be on their way and God will align you with true destiny helpers that will want to see you succeed and be in good health as your soul prospers. Learn to be thankful to God for everything that He does for you. Nothing is too trivial for God to do and perform His wonders. We just need to invite Him to be a part of every aspect of our lives so that we can recognize when God has performed a miracle when we least expect it. Do not take God’s love for you for granted and praise Him for all that He has done for you unawares. He is a miracle-working God and I personally give Him the highest praise.  😀

My prayer for anyone reading this blog today comes from this following verse of scripture:

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

Watch this amazing testimony and may it bless your spirit today. God Bless You Everybody! 😀

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