Useless or Useful – Which One Are You?

Hello Peeps!

I wanted to post one more video today to get y’all thinking. I know that many people know the story about The Talents written in Matthew 25:14-30 . I feel that we all have the potential to increase whatever God-given gifts we are given to advance the cause and message of Christ whether it be in business administration, skilled trades, the arts, hospitality, agriculture, health and sciences etc etc. God has placed as here to be a gift that keeps on increasing. I think the worst thing in the world is recognizing “our potential” but not being able to fulfill it or use it in this limited life-time.

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The Talent Story Matthew 25:14-30 

I believe that every person is born gifted in some way. We all have talents varying in degree and measure, and therefore, we all have the ability to increase the measure that is given to us to use if we apply ourselves and work with what we’ve got. Don’t be looking at your neighbor’s talents jealously when you’ve got talents of your own to deal with. Use what God has given you and regard what you have with respect and value. If we fail to use what God has given us and simply bury our hidden potential, then we become useless and will eventually watch others overtake us and use what we could have done for ourselves at the maximum level. Do not become a useless person and work with what God has given you to do. Respect your gift and don’t bury it. Activate it and maximize on it and you’ll see your talents increase when you work it.

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Don’t bury your talents into the ground. What use is it in there?

I believe that God wants to use us in mind-blowing ways, but if we simply bury our potentials into the ground, then someone else will scavenge for that hidden and buried talent and use it or exploit it for themselves because they know the true value of that hidden talent. Use what God has given you to use to advance His cause, which is the message of Christ. Do what you know how to do and do it well. Don’t be a person reserving their talent for a “better time”. What if that time you specify never comes? What if that time is actually NOW

We must not be presumptuous and simply assume that we have “all the time in the world” when tomorrow is not promised and neither is it guaranteed. So everyone must learn to be deliberate and spirit-led to use your talents to advance the cause of Christ in whatever we do. Focus on this today and seek God to help you increase the value of what you have, and to increase what you have been willing to use to advance the message of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour to the Nations. Don’t bury what God has called you to multiply. Think about this today with much fear and trembling, Amen! I pray that this video I have posted blesses your spirit today. God Bless You Everybody! 😀

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