Christians and Secular Music

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Today, I have another video by Joseph Solomon with regards to the topic of “Secular Music” and whether or not Christians should listen to it. I personally think that this is a good video by Joe because I agree with pretty much everything he said. Let’s not get into legalism and think about this topic from a well-rounded perspective taking into consideration what music is and how music can affect us. From my own personal perspective I think that not all secular music is bad; however, having said that though, we need to be also consciously aware that not all secular music is good for us either.

Image result for Christians and secular musicI feel that the way in which we should measure what type of music is good or bad for us to listen to should be on the basis of not just listening to the beat of the music, but we should be intentionally trying to hear what the message of the song is found in the lyrics of the music that we listen to. Also, consider what emotions certain music evokes. If music has the potential and the power to evoke such emotions that drive us to either be angry, depressed, happy, excited, lustful, seductive, emotional, etc etc, then we need to consider that the lyrics, the beat and/or the melody to certain music has the power to affect our emotions to drive us to act in a certain way. We cannot underestimate the power of music.

I remember a few years ago (I think it was 8-9 years ago) when I used to go clubbing with my friends because I loved dancing to upbeat music but I also remember feeling like I wasn’t in the right place at the right time. I kind of felt depressed back then due to several reasons that I won’t necessarily list here and dancing seemed to be a stress reliever for me, and yes there was alcohol in the building *shock*. I know….. I’m not particularly proud about that period in my life …. however, continuing on …. although I never drank more than one small drink because I was the designated driver, I knew that in my spirit I really was in the wrong place doing the wrong thing and the Holy Spirit kept convicting me every-time I went with my friends to the club. When I look back at this time period in my life, a part of me keeps wondering What in the world were you thinkin’ Sherline!!!!???”

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Honestly, I have no idea what was going through my mind; but, I can tell you that when you’re depressed, you can be driven to do stupid things, and I mean STUPID THINGS. The music in the club wasn’t exactly wholesome either since some of the music promoted sexual innuendos, violence, immoral activities (i.e. using drugs etc etc etc etc). On top of that, there were also some unsavory characters hanging out in the club who would try to either harass me or my friends that I was with because they only wanted “one thing”, but I’m glad I didn’t club for too long because there just came a point where I couldn’t do it anymore and I think the last straw was when I heard shots fired outside the club I was at and I distinctly heard the Holy Spirit call me by my African name saying to me in a loud voice: “Nyasha, what are you doing here?!!!”. Honestly, I had no good answer to that question and I was pretty much ashamed of myself, but that was the night I prayed to God saying that if I could get out of here peacefully and unharmed, I would never go to the club again. I did manage to get of out there just fine with my friends and have never been enticed by my former friends to club ever again. They understood where I stood with my decision and respected my decision thankfully. I don’t regret my decision to this day.

Image result for Christians and secular musicWhen I reflect on my actions, I now think “wow, it is a battle to preserve my virtue and integrity”. You can experience mind-games that can drive you to places you never thought you’d ever find yourself in but I praise God for the Holy Spirit’s voice of conviction that convicted my spirit to go back on the right path. We cannot be presumptuous about how strong we are in “the Faith”, when certain circumstances can change your outlook on life and lead you to dirt roads you never thought you’d find yourself traveling down on. It’s not like I didn’t know that I was doing the wrong thing, I just felt very numb inside….and somehow just went on with the flow of things not really thinking ahead about the repercussions or the long-term consequences to my actions. I was going through a lot of spiritual warfare back then that I wasn’t sleeping well and I think that also contributed to me trying to numb the pain by doing things that were against my better judgment and conscience. I’m glad that the Holy Spirit convicted me in such a strong way that He slapped me with the Truth to wake me up from this seemingly hazy-dream-like-induced escape from reality to the road that led me to the right path where God wants me to go. So today, consider this message by Joe and ask yourself what type of music are you listening too?”. Not all music is bad, and not all music has to be Christian for you to listen to it. I just think that music is a wonderful, powerful and artistic form of self-expression; however, we have to be mindful about what type of message is being expressed in the lyrics of the music that we listen to. Music is a powerful tool that can drive people’s emotions to act a certain way so think about that when you check out the video down below.

I also want to post this cool song by Andy Mineo called Hands High. Now, I know that the beat to this song is from and old secular song by Busta Rhymes called “Hands Where My Eyes Can See”; which, I gotta admit, I used to rock to that song because of the beat; however, having said that though, I find that the use of the same beat with lyrics to glorify God by Andy Mineo is pretty clever and awesome! Who said you can’t turn what was meant for evil to become good? I’m not sure if many people will like this song because ideally, it’s dependent on people’s personal tastes; however, I do pray that this song blesses somebody today. God Bless You Everybody! 😀

3 thoughts on “Christians and Secular Music

  1. I love this conversation you started here! Personally, if an individual Christian knows that they know he or she is called and chosen for a thing, it’s best to not taint the anointing that inside nor hinder the greater anointing that’s coming by feeding our spirit the wrong stuff. True not all secular music is bad. I’m just saying that we don’t know the spirit in which a song was written. We need to be mindful whay our minds are focused on. But not all Christians will agree. For me I relate so well with Jermeiah because when God called him, he wasn’t allowed to do much of anything. Yes, we have a choice – our free will – but when we KNOW that God has placed something in our spirits we shouldn’t compromise and be like everyone else. We should stand out and be sanctified, not look like the world all the time. 🙂

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    • I concur with all your points Dulcinea. It’s true that we never really know in what spirit a song was composed or written, however, it is necessary for us as Christians to be intentional about screening what we allow our spirits to hear and listen to. We cannot underestimate the level of influence music plays at directing our subconscious to act in certain ways and behave in certain ways, so my hope is that we learn to screen what we hear and be mindful of what type of music we allow to feed out spirit-man. It’s like that saying: “Where the mind goes, the body is sure to follow”. Thanks for your thoughtful comments and God Bless.

      Sherline 😀

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