Petty Christianity – What We Must Avoid Becoming

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Image result for petty peopleToday, I want to talk about Petty Christians. Have you ever been with a group of so-called “Christians” that did nothing but bicker and fight about small insignificant things because all they desired was pure acknowledgement from the masses??? I’ve encountered individuals that are petty in that we could all be doing a project for the greater good but because someone or some people want pure acknowledgement from the masses concerning their contribution to a project, they forget and don’t realize that the subtle thing called PRIDE has settled in their subconsciousness. Is it so important to receive acknowledgement of your contribution towards a project or is the fact that the project was a success not more meaningful?

When you look at the life of Jesus, He acknowledged the least likely of people in the Bible while others with their piety and religiosity such as the Sanhedrin thought they were top stuff because of what they knew and not necessarily because of how they lived and what they did. No one really cares about how much you know, what people really want to know is how much it is that you really care for other people? People often look at the outward appearances of men, but do not acknowledge what God considers as important, and that is the heart.

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

I think it is important to look at the big picture in the grand scheme of things. Take a look at your life and determine what you consider as important? What is it that can be shoved into the corner of non-importance? What type of drama can be clearly discarded as a non-issue? Picking the right battles to fight and acknowledging the types of battles you do not need to respond to is important if you want to grow in maturity.

It’s amazing that even as Christians there can be a group of people that choose to be petty all in the name of self-importance, meaning that there will be people that will fight with you just because they want to be acknowledged for their so-called contribution to society. However, people forget that people don’t really care about how much you know, they want to know about how much you really care for others. So in your everyday life, when you find yourself in a petty argument with someone else over small things, consider the maturity level of either yourself or the individual who is choosing to pick a fight with you. Jesus always responded with peace. It is always important to respond with peace. Don’t get caught up in someone else’s dramarama. Sometimes, I find that the needy Christians who seek attention all the time to be the ones that like to create drama for no reason other than to gather self-attention, self-seeking and self-serving purposes as well. It sometimes begs the question if such people understand the meaning of COMPASSION? I don’t think that’s in their vocabulary.

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I have worked with Christians that are driven by self-ambition and the need to be acknowledged for the things they do in front of others but fail to see that God is always assessing people by their Heart. What good is it to be acknowledged by the masses for your contributions and yet be rejected by the Lord because He can actually see the vileness of ones heart? There is no point in seeking acknowledgment from people when God is the final judge of ones TRUE character. I have also seen Christians take credit for work that they did not do in order to receive praise from others. This is where people need to assess people’s motivations for the things that they do. Do people do things just to simply build a “Name” for themselves, or are their motivations for doing the things that they do actually pure?

Image result for petty peopleAt the end of the day, we may not be able to get rid of the petty people that exist in our lives; however, we are in control of how we respond to such people. Don’t allow the few pebbles in your shoe to wind you up and get you all upset and distracted from focusing on what’s important. In this world, you will have petty people in your life, but take heart, because God says you have overcome their pettiness.  You cannot ignore the fact that you will face such people in your life so rather than thinking you can avoid them entirely, learn to respond to them with peace.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Image result for petty peopleThe most important lesson from my post today is to avoid being a petty person all together; especially being a petty Christian. It’s not so important to seek acknowledgement from others all the time in the name of self-entitlement. What’s important is maintaining ones integrity regardless of what offenses you may encounter in this life. It’s all about maintaining self-control and self-respect to not get suckered into petty arguments and confrontations that are not worth your time and are best left to be avoided. This is how you can build on maturity, by picking your battles wisely. Always strive to respond with peace rather than with wrath. Think of that old saying when you face an issue with someone, “What Would Jesus Do?”. If you respond to things on the basis of untamed emotions, you will always face strife in your life. However, if you opt to respond with peace, you will not only resolve issues faster, but you will be able to build on further communication and further collaboration with other people for your future which means you have the aptitude to build connections with other people.  This is how Jesus was able to attract crowds to follow him. He always responded with peace and that is how we all ought to live if we are truly “Christians”. People need to know us to be “Christians” by our display of Love. Do some self-inventory and check your attitude to see if you display the character of Jesus in your actions today.

I pray that this post blesses your spirit today. God Bless You everybody! 😀


5 thoughts on “Petty Christianity – What We Must Avoid Becoming

  1. So well said Sherline! A good encouragement to avoid pettiness at any level – especially for those of us who hold eternal treasure in earthen vessels. May we remember our high calling as “ambassadors of reconciliation” – rather than stoop to mere irritation (Proverbs 12:6).

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