One Touch

Hello People!

I have this song by Fred Hammond called One Touch.  Do you believe that it takes one touch from the Lord to be made Whole? I believe that it is possible to be made whole by one touch of Jesus. I’ve experienced healing and deliverance in my life on various occasions and can testify that God is more than able to heal and deliver people from their infirmities, sicknesses, afflictions, and ailments. I remember when I was a young kid I had trouble walking because I had a rare condition to which I do not know what the name of it was that caused my hip area to be inflamed making it hard for me to not only to stand but made me almost incapable of walking without excruciating pain. My grandmother initially thought I was just kidding back then thinking that I was seeking attention when in actual fact I struggled to walk. She thought that I was acting up thinking that I didn’t want to go to school and thought that spanking me would do the trick but that didn’t change anything. She then realized I wasn’t kidding and took me to the doctors and they found that my pelvic area was inflamed and swollen. I had some kind of rare condition for the life of me I can’t remember what the name of it was but it was some rare form of arthritis or something that made it difficult for me to stand up and walk. It was strange because it was something that you wouldn’t see in a young child, it was something expected of an elderly person to be going through from what the doctors were telling us. My condition totally baffled the doctors because I was a rare case which was unheard of. Evil knows no bounds.

Anyways, forget walking, I couldn’t even stand without screaming in pain. So later on the doctors gave me medicine to deal with the inflammation in my pelvic area but it only relieved the pain temporarily. I decided that I needed God to heal me from this situation because this was ridiculous. I was 5 years old by the way when all this was happening. When I look back in my life, I realize that I had severe spiritual attacks as a kid that were targeted to kill me, maybe because my grandparents were Christians and diplomats (gov’t level workers) and you cannot believe how many evil people exist at the government level. I have seen levels of evil that I cannot even begin to describe because it’s just flat out EVIL. That’s why when I sit in church and look at the pettiness of some church leaders acting ridiculous towards the flock I just shake my head at the level of mediocrity that exists in some churches today. The devil is having a field day in the church because we simply can’t grasp this beautiful thing called UNITY. We are soo divided amongst ourselves that we have to ask ourselves how can any church stand?

As a kid I had pretty sharp discernment now that I reminisce about the types of things that used to happen to me in the past and I think that may have been one of the reasons why I endured a lot of spiritual attacks in my young age in the form of severe nightmares; my body twisted on its own (think exorcist here) in unusual ways in an attempt to either snap my neck or back in half ( I know it sounds hard to believe but this happened), I would puke blood almost everyday which totally freaked out my grandmother to the point that she wouldn’t allow the servants in the house to cook my food anymore because she was concerned that one of them was trying to poison me to death which was actually the case. This same “nanny/servant” was also the same person who had molested me when I was a kid (which is something I have already discussed about in a previous post) is how many of those that practice witchcraft groom children into the occult. My Grandmother would instead cook my food for me and noticed that I did well when I didn’t eat food made from other people. I endured a lot as a kid now that I look back that it’s even hard to believe I went through all of that hell. I think that is also the reason why my discernment level is pretty sharp now and still getting sharper. I had to go through all that hell to differentiate the difference between a friend from a foe (good vs. evil). So even though we go through trials and tribulations not by choice (all the time) obviously, God has a way of turning around what was meant for evil to be good for those that love the Lord, Amen. 🙂

But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.

So with whatever trouble that you face in your life, just remember to keep your Trust in God in all things. Learn to act with wisdom and seek God to sharpen your discernment to differentiate what people are for you and against you in this life. You need to develop the wisdom to be able to tell the difference so that you do not partner with anyone associated to anything that resembles a lifetime of oppression and hell or anything that resembles the attitude of “The Oppressor” (The devil). You have to walk with people that agree with your philosophy of life because how can two walk together if they do not agree?

Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?

I have two songs for you today where the first one is by Fred Hammond called “One Touch” to bless your spirit today. I just love Fred Hammond 🙂 . He was one of the first gospel singers I listened to when I got saved and His voice and His worship is just out of this world man! Haha! Enjoy! 😀

The second song I have here to bless your spirit today is by Kierra “Kiki” Sheard called “When the Trumpets Blow”. I know that this song will bless you for sure. Thanks for reading and God bless You Everybody!

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