I Believe GOD

Hello Everybody!

I apologize for such a long hiatus. I’ve been in hospital for the past 3 months and finally have access to my computer :D. The type of sickness I had caused me to lose my memory but you know what, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I want to post this song from James Fortune & FIYA called “I Believe” to encourage somebody today. Give your problems an expiration date. Put your Trust in God and He will fix everything. The type of sickness I had experienced was the kind where I lost my short-term memories which is such an important thing that is attached to your identity. Though my mind was attacked I believed that my mind was held captive to the obedience of Christ Jesus. When you trust God, He brings about divine healing that will even confound your doctors.

My progress in hospital was confounding my doctors because I kept my faith in God. It was indeed a trial and tribulation that I went through, but if you never face a trial, then how can your faith be tested? I thank God for my family’s support. My mum and dad are awesome and so are my sisters. They all prayed for me to get better and I have gotten better. So this is the reason why I’m posting this song on here so that it can encourage somebody who is facing something crazy like I did. Put your Trust in God and He will bring you through the storm and you’ll see a light at the end of your tunnel. Don’t get caught up in self-pity, focus on God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all you could ever ask or think.  By His stripes, you are healed, Amen! 😀

10 thoughts on “I Believe GOD

  1. Your story is inspiring and I’m so glad you are better. My daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease four years ago, daunting to say the least. She just turned 25 and is feeling well. It progresses slowly so the future is unknown, but eventually she’ll need a liver transplant to survive. She lives in the here and now, so we’ve all learned to accept it but continue to pray for her healing. Thank you for sharing your story and I pray that you’ll continue to feel better each day. May God Bless You. ~ Lauren


    • Thanks Lauren for your well wishes. I truly appreciate your blessings 🙂 I too will pray for your daughter as well to get better. It’s at times like these that we have to learn to lean onto God all the more. Certain things are beyond our control, but one thing that we are responsible for is keeping our faith alive no matter how daunting or bleak the circumstances may appear to be. I struggled a bit with depression over my situation in the beginning of my treatment process at the hospitals, but I was often reminded when I looked at other people who were at the hospital like I was, who had worse circumstances than me and realized that I had no time to pity-party over myself and remain grateful that my situation (even though it seemed quite terrible at the time from my perspective) was not as bad as some other people’s situations. The hospital has a way of humbling the human spirit in so many ways, so what I’m trying to say is that, God will provide everything you need for your daughter and she will become a walking testimony of what God can do. She will be the definition of what it means to wait on the Lord and her testimony will inspire others to trust God in even the most bleak circumstances. Keep Trusting God and He will provide (Jehovah Jireh).

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  2. Praise God your feeling better. I pray for complete healing and strength of heart. Sometimes growing in faith is so difficult as the enemy will always try to hinder us to grow but thank God for His armour we are always protected.
    God has His own way of drawing us closer unto Him. God bless and thank you very much 🙂

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      • Thank you very much too 🙂 I got worried that I haven’t heard about you and I was relieved and thankful to God that I was able to hear from you through your inspiring and challenging blog 🙂 thank you because of this it helped me to grow spiritually 🙂 complete healing be upon you in Jesus name.
        There are things that we don’t understand but let us not worry about it for God knew what He is doing. Let us allow Him to show us His great love that even in pain He still show us opportunities to grow in faith like a mustard seed and allows us to lean unto Him. God also said in Matthew 7:7 “ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you”. May God’s protection and unconditional love be your source of strength. God bless you and your family 🙂

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  3. You are a powerful woman of God to go through all that and here you are giving God the praise for all He’s gotten you through. Glory to God! I’m truly sorry you have gone through so much. I thank God to hear from you and be blessed by your testimony. I sent you an email. You are in my prayers. God bless you!

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    • Hi Tanya,
      Thank you so much for your prayers. God has shown me a lot during these past three months about what it’s like to fully put your trust in Him when everything seems to be going wrong. I didn’t anticipate that I’d be in a hospital for almost 2 months and then and rehab centre for about 1 month. What God showed me during those months has been amazing but it’s also knowing that even if your situation seems dire, take a look around and notice that you’re not as bad as some other people’s situations. It’s been a very humbling experience and at the same time, I want to glorify God for all His goodness for what He has done for me. It brings a new meaning to “Holding your mind captive to the obedience of Christ Jesus” factor. Thank you for your email and God bless you too Tanya.



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