In the Mood for Worship

Hi People!

I’ve just come back from vacation and feel rejuvenated. 😀 I’m in the mood for worship so for those in Canada Happy Family Day y’all! I didn’t expect to come back to -25 degrees…but I’ll praise God anyway. I praise God I’m African and can still enjoy traveling between two hemispheres to have two summers per year. Don’t hate lol 😀

Here are some songs to bless your spirit today that have been in my spirit all of last night.

The first one comes from Hillsongs United called Heart Like Heaven. This song has been ministering to my spirit and it’s just awesome in surround sound. Let this song minister to your spirit today.


The Next song is from for King & Country called Shoulders. Sometimes you need to know that God carries you through many challenges. You just need to lean on Him as the answer to your need. This song has been blessing my spirit. I pray that this one also blesses yours.

The Last Song I will post here today is from Newsboys singing We Believe. I just love how Michael Tait sings this song. I truly believe that this song will bless somebody today.

I know that I usually just post one song per post, but right now I don’t want to talk I just want to saturate my spirit with Praise and Worship Songs. Through my travels God has just been showing me things and ministering to my spirit as of late. I feel so light in my spirit that I just want to Praise God more. I actually have more songs I could put on here but I think I’ll keep it to three for now.

It’s so important to give time to worship God. Personally, I find my gift in the prophetic is stimulated in the presence of worship. I hear God more clearly during that time and so I fill my spirit with songs that give honor and praise to God. This is how I meditate. I shut out the noise of my life and sit in His Presence. Fill your spirit with worship and you’ll see things clearly in that presence. Don’t allow distractions. I remember being in a church where I just wanted to sit in the presence of worship and then a sister so and so or brother so and so would just distract me because they want my attention…I would feel really upset about it because “seriously, can’t you see I’m in a different place right now????” well…you get that from some “church people”…forgive them anyway… *sigh*.

The point is, in the presence of Worship, God is there. You need answers from God? Then visit Him in the place of Worship. You can worship Him in your living room, in the church or at work. In fact you can worship Him anywhere. God is limitless. You just have to make time for it. Don’t make excuses, make time for God, Amen.

God bless You everybody! 😀


6 thoughts on “In the Mood for Worship

  1. Amen! This is a wonderful post full of encouragement, truth and worship music. I too love the song by the Newsboys. Looking forward to seeing the new movie too. Blessings to you sis! ~Terra


  2. I wanted to ask you a question about worship. Good anointed worship music is the key, it transport you into the spirit: Look at the different versions of this scripture. We too are the carriers of the presence of God.

    1 Chronicles 15:22GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

    [a] 22 Chenaniah, a Levite leader, instructed others how to sing prophetic songs because he was skilled at it.

    1 Chronicles 15:22Common English Bible (CEB)

    22 Chenaniah was leader of the Levites who provided transportation,[ark] because he was skilled at it.
    1 Chronicles 15:22Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

    22 Chenaniah, leader of the Levites in singing, was put in charge of carrying the ark and lifting up song. He instructed about these matters because he was skilled and able.

    1 Chronicles 15:22Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

    22 and Chenaniah, the prince of deacons, and of prophecy, was sovereign to before-sing [the] melody, for he was full wise; (and Chenaniah, a leader of the Levites, led the singing by the singers, for he was very wise;

    Now my question for you.
    Do you experience times where the Holy Spirit will just drop specific songs in your spirit that he wants you to sing or listen too? It like he has specific worship songs he likes and if you yield and obey and either sing or listen to the song at that moment. he will anoint you. I think they are songs of deliverance Psalm 32:7-8

    Testimony: I was in the laundrymat doing my clothes and all of sudden he gave me a song to sing within myself, I yielded and sung over and over. I did not know why. I finished my clothes and left, I got on the freeway. I few minutes as I was driving a woman lost control of her car and missed hitting me by inches and crashed into a wall. If she had hit me, I too would not have survived the crash, I believe the Holy Spirit gave me a song of deliverance and angels were assigned to protect me at that moment. I give God praise. Do you experience that too?


    • There are songs that do enter my spirit at certain times, typically in my dreams I would be singing a song I either know or have never heard of before and would wake up singing. This doesn’t always happen all the time but I remember a few occasions that has happened. Some of these songs have lyrics with specific meanings to them and they become relevant to me when I’m facing a particular situation that make them prophetic for me.

      In your case the song in your situation was a song of deliverance. Worship songs have so much power that deliverance, healing, breakthroughs and many other blessings come through worship. In fact, I don’t think we truly understand its full magnitude and power but deliverance is but one aspect that can come from praise and worship unto God. Praise God for your safety. Praise God that you lived to tell the tale 😀


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