Inspiration Sunday: Identity – I Know Who I AM

Hi Everybody!

Happy Sunday!

Today I have a cool video by Dan Stevers called Identity. It is so important as believers that we need to see Christ not only walking with us in our daily lives, but we need to ensure that we have Christ IN us as well.

You are known by your FRUIT.

Christ is part of our Identity. We imitate what our Father does by our words, our deeds, our actions, and our lifestyle. When our footsteps are ordered of the Lord, the reason why He delights in our way is because our footsteps are matching His. We are walking on the RIGHT path by being obedient to our Christ-like nature. We cannot afford to veer of the path and walk in darkness. We have to remain in right-standing and walk in the light of God’s Word — which is the TRUTH. Though the path of becoming like Christ is not an easy road to take, it is the ONLY path one must walk in order to Glorify the Father.

God can only recognize those who walk in the same path that His Son Jesus walked.

If we are unwilling to walk like Christ, then we ourselves reject Christ by default. We cannot afford to do this everybody!

Our Identity is so wrapped up in Him that we cannot afford to have an identity crisis right now. It’s either you walk in the counsel of the Godly, or you opt for a dark road by walking in the counsel of the un-Godly. The path of Christ is life which is foolishness to those who are perishing. If more people walked in that direction, those who are standing by while watching everyone else walking in the same direction towards Christ will question why these believers aren’t following them. The reason is because the path of the believer is the STANDARD. Once they realize this, it will help them follow your Christ-like walk.

Holding onto who you are in Christ is so powerful because it makes others question the current status quo of their lives especially if you remain steadfast and unwavering in your faith in Christ, which is expressed by how you live. It’s time to carry God as part of our IDENTITY so that when people look at you, they are no longer able to recognize you for who you once were without Him. They will end up testifying and witnessing to others and say that there’s something different about you, but they just don’t know what it is. The answer is quite easy — It’s CHRIST! Evangelism becomes easy in this instance because all you’ll have to do is introduce them to the Christ in you the hope of Glory as the answer to their questions. When you live like Christ, you will stick out from the crowd so much so that it’s hard to ignore what’s going on with you.

Just smile and let people know, I FINALLY KNOW WHO I AM; I am fearfully and wonderfully made by my Father who is in Heaven.

May this video Bless your spirit today everybody! 😀

10 thoughts on “Inspiration Sunday: Identity – I Know Who I AM

  1. Hello: Sherline,
    Great video and post, yesterday during my triads meeting at church I and the small group spoke about being Christ like and not becoming gods ourselves but instead becoming more Christ like through our character. This post elobrated deeper on the subject for me thank you for sharing! 🙂

    God Bless,
    Sincerely Reign,
    [R]eaching [E]veryone [I]n [G]ods [N]ame


  2. “Our Identity is so wrapped up in Him that we cannot afford to have an identity crisis right now.” Girl the world is tormenting believers out there by making them question their self-worth in comparison to others, which isn’t Christ-like. This is such a timely message and I couldn’t be more pleased with the word shared here. Good job, Sherline! 🙂


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