Faith Seekers: There is Power in the Name of Jesus!

faith comes by hearing

Hi Everbody!

I haven’t been able to type up much for the past few days because there’s been sooo much on my plate, but I just wanted to drop by and bless y’all with a powerful song by Tasha Cobbs called Break Every Chains. For the most part, I am blessed with the fact that God is so powerful, He can break every chain that keeps us captive in the Name of Jesus.

John 16:24

Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.

All we’ve got to do is ask in Jesus Name and these chains that keep us from progressing in life can be broken if we move by faith. We have to claim our freedom by faith.

Faith isn’t a passive force, it’s an active force that moves impossibilities to become possible.  

This means that we all need to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. Faith isn’t a mere “feeling”, it’s a decision one makes that is translated into action. The truth is, we decide if we want to get healed or not. Like no one can force you to see the doctor…the Holy Spirit won’t force you to seek your healing or deliverance that is available to you today. YOU decide if you will have faith or not. Jesus can give you that which you need. If you need faith…ask for it. Remember….you don’t have to be the “Until now you haven’t asked nothing in My Name” -type person…. you should decide to be the asker.

Those that Ask from the Lord, often are the ones who end up receiving from the Lord. Faith is a decision; it’s a choice that produces a result.  Faithlessness doesn’t require anything…except for you to decide not to decide to have faith at all.

The famous saying that goes… “All evil needs to triumph is for good men(and women) to do nothing”. In the same way, your captivity is determined by you deciding to do NOTHING. Faith takes you places and breaks the barriers that keep you from moving forward. Faithlessness keeps you in bondage with all your problems. Captivity can be a choice if you decide to accept that as your status quo.  I say…. NOT MY PORTION!

What will you decide is your Portion today? Seek to increase your level of Faith and you will see amazing things happen.

God is waiting for FAITH SEEKERS!

God bless you everybody!

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