A Guest Post on “What I learned this year” on Sister Res’ Blog.

Love, Life, and Relationships: Overcoming Emotional and Child Sexual Abuse

What have I learned this year?

I have learned that there are seemingly good relationships that are poisonous when that one person isolates you from being in contact with others. It was a form of control and abuse that started off subtly, but in the end I had to unfortunately (and yet fortunately) drop that relationship once I realized that this person was not out there for my best interests.

Although I advocate not being in an abusive situation or relationship; after this experience this year, I realize that sometimes we can be blinded in a relationship that is not healthy and can get caught up in trying to maintain it because you trust the person.

Such controlling methods are not always overt; they can be groomed into a person until they are completely manipulated by subtle approaches. Once I cut this person off out of my life, it was…

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