The Man by the Bus Stop Pt. 2

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“Today is the day that I was supposed to get married. You have no idea how much I have longed for this day to come. I had to part with her right after our engagement since I was deployed by my father who is the highest ranking Military General of the Army to head into battle on my first mission on a war against injustice. My fiance cried when she heard the news, but she knew I had to do what I had to do. I had made a vow with her that no matter what happened out on the field, I would definitely return to her. That was my way of reassuring her so that she wouldn’t lose hope while I was away because I intended to keep my promise. She told me that I shouldn’t make a promise that I couldn’t keep, but I knew that I would keep it. No…. it was more like I was determined to keep it.

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When I returned a few days ago, I went to pick up my bride to surprise her with my return as my wedding gift to her, but to my dismay, she was no where to be found. I called her parents house to find out where she could be, but they refused to disclose where she had disappeared off to. I drove to the church that is behind us now and they locked me out thinking I was a ghost who had returned from the dead. I cried, I shouted, I screamed out her name, but no one heard me, no one paid attention. My bride was no where to be found and the loneliness I felt had started to sweep over me like a dark cloud, but I didn’t give up. I had to go find her if it was the last thing I was going to do. I went to the police station to file a missing persons report, but they told me that she wasn’t missing. She had instead ran off and married another man a couple of nights ago called Sammael… the infamous and corrupt local prosecutor of this city.

My heart shattered at that moment when I heard this news. What hurts me the most is not that she married another man, but that she didn’t believe me when I said that I would come back for her. When I said that I’d be gone for a short while and to wait for me, because I would definitely return, she didn’t believe me. You see, I was sent by my father to fight a huge battle in a war that could not be avoided. I have battle scars left on my hands and feet, and I have a wound on my side after a long blade was plunged into me by those who falsely accused me of doing something I never did while being made a prisoner of war. I was tortured for hours which felt like days, based only on false accusations; all because of what I believed in and was now fighting for…The only thing keeping me alive during that trial was the thought of returning to my waiting bride…”

The man took off his gloves and showed Simone his pierced hands as evidence that his far-fetched story was indeed a real experience. The thoughts running through Simone’s mind were, what kind of torture did he endure on this assignment? The scars were so horrific that she was left in a state of shock as he made mention what they also did to his feet. They had pierced something through both his feet but it was just too much information for Simone to wrap her head around. However, he refused to show her his feet since Simone’s grimace indicated that she had seen enough with just his hands as evidence of this inhumane torture. She believed that this guy was telling her the truth. Although she wanted to ask, she remained silent as he continued on with his story…

“I died on that battlefield because the suffering I endured killed me. My comrades thought I was dead and had prepared my burial ground since the local village doctors claimed that I wasn’t responding to medication and it seemed like I was in a coma state until they discovered that my heart had stopped beating. I officially died that day bleeding from head to toe which apparently was the same day that we had a massive earthquake that ripped the village in two.”

Simone could not hardly believe what he was saying because the whole story sounded like something out of a fiction story. At this point she felt a little sober and her mind was now alert still anticipating his next words.

He continued on with his story and said,

“When you consider what I’d been through, you’d think that I’d be filled with hatred and vengeance for what my captors did to me, but all I felt was a deep seated sorrow and an unbearable anguish ripping through my soul as I thought about my fiance and considered that she may have been right about the promise. I mean….how could I tell her I’d return to her when I was already dead?”

            Dead…dead…you mean you died? Is this guy for real??? No Way!!! thought Simone.

He paused as his eyes began to well again from the grief that had struck at his heart. Simone caught glimpses of a trickle running down his left cheek. Use the Kleenex man….that’s why I gave it to you, she thought. Simone could tell that he was in deep anguish as he sat there silently staring into the rain like a Greek statue. She moved closer and put her arm around his broad back to comfort him as he struggled to continue his painful past. He remained still and seemed to be breathing rather slowly but he chose to continue on with his story.

“I had no time to taint my heart with hatred you know….so I resolved within myself that I needed to forgive them for what they had done to me because my hope lay in reuniting with my bride.” He peered into the darkness as a car passed by while watching the rain that continued to pound the floor motioning him to continue this sorrowful tale…

“Simone, I was dead to everyone for three whole days so they put my body in a temporary make shift tomb inside a cave that was once used to store ammunition. As soon as my body was laid there to rest in peace, is as soon as I was forgotten by everyone. Nobody returned to give me a proper burial. Maybe because the war was far from over and the villagers had to escape to safety after the earthquake. It was not until I finally woke up, that I noticed I was in a cave. I was dressed in formal clothing typically a custom the villagers used for burial services that I was surprised to see myself in new robes. I got up and felt so strange because I felt no pain in my body. All the pain was gone and the blood that had covered me all over from the torture was already cleaned off my body. I was completely fine until I noticed the scars left on my hands and feet. They were still there but the crazy part about this whole thing was that I felt no pain whatsoever! See, look Simone look at my hands! Do you see them, do you see them? My scars they do not hurt” he said that as He showed her his hands once again.

“I see them, I see.” she exclaimed in affirmation to his question.

“My scars, they do not hurt. Only my heart does.” was what he said as he bowed his head now looking towards the ground as if he could find some level of comfort from the pool that swam around his shiny shoes.

Simone did not no how to console this level of grief. It felt like it was just too much for her to handle in her twenty-something life. She didn’t know what else to say so in desperation she asked him without too much thought,

“What happened next?”

Image result for resurrection

Without much hesitation, the beautiful stranger continued his story and said,

“I stepped out of the cave and was about to go find out what was happening outside when I noticed not to far off that I was being visited by some women from the village who I had once helped earlier escape a surprise attack from behind enemy lines while I was on assignment. When they caught sight of me running to greet them, they thought I was a ghost when they realized I was still alive. They were so scared to go near me that they ran off to tell the other villagers of what they had seen. It was impossible for someone who was dead for three days to return back to life and in healthy condition. Everybody thought I was some kind of walking miracle… or Ghost…even I began to believe that it was a miracle. I was alive and I could now return to my bride was all I thought about.

I was later told by a few witnesses that the women who had witnessed my resurrection were not really scared of me running towards them, but that they had seen a winged man standing behind me smiling back at them….I guess they saw an angel. When I think about that…I think it’s kind of funny, but I warned them not to tell anybody else apart from those they trusted that I was still alive since some people in the village would claim that they were telling lies and would accuse them of using witchcraft which is a common accusation in this small village. On the other hand, I didn’t know what to make of what they had seen, but I’m sure they saw my guardian angel. Three days dead and the only thing I had in my heart was to return to my bride who was still waiting for me. I wanted to see her so badly that it hurt to be gone for so long.”

“How long were you away from her?’ Simone asked out of curiosity.

“Three years.” He replied.

“THREE YEARS!!!! That’s a LONG TIME!!!” She shouted.

“I know…at age 30 I was engaged to be married and then sent out to war before our wedding date. When the war ended and my mission was over, I truly thought I would return back to her side, but instead of returning to her side like I had wanted, I already knew from a transmission relayed to me by one of the staff officers that I had already been reassigned to return to my fathers house and take care of His estate after we had won the war and ended the mission.”

“WHAT!!! WHAT!!!!WHAT!!!!!” Shouted Simone as she felt a deep seething anger rumbling in her spirit as she heard the story take a turn for the worse listening to this crazy new twist. The guy just stared at the ground not moved by her outburst.

“Couldn’t you have said no to your Father and told him you had someone waiting for you!!!???” Simone yelled, thinking that His Father was someone who was just too much. A completely unreasonable man who only thought about himself and nobody else, not even considering what His own flesh and blood wanted. Maybe it was the Father’s fault for prolonging his Son’s days away from His fiance that made matters worse. If only He had come back a little sooner, maybe things would have been different is what she thought as she mumbled to herself in disgust.

At the same time, she knew that she had no idea the circumstances surrounding his unusual relationship between this guy and his father. Was He an aristocrat that would not dare challenge his Father’s demands or what? Simone’s mind was just filled with too many unanswered questions that she didn’t know how to sift through all the crazy details. In fact, the whole story seemed too ridiculous and far-fetched. A part of Simone wondered if this whole encounter with this well dressed stranger was nothing but a dream from having drank so much alcohol in the evening. She did feel like she was getting sober the more she heard this man speak. Only time would tell if she was still drunk or not.

The man shook His head and replied,

“No, my father knew what He was doing when He reassigned Me to come back to His estate. At first, the reassignment seemed like He was being unfair to Me if you didn’t know Him personally, but what He wanted from Me was to make sure I had everything  ready and prepared for our marriage by giving Me His house as our surprise wedding gift so that My bride and I would have a place where we could spend our whole lives together. I was so overwhelmed and emotional that my Father would offer such a thing to His Son that I wanted to keep the house as a surprise from my fiance as well, so I decided that I wouldn’t tell her anything about it nor would I let any of her relatives know that I was back in town from the mission.

Image result for nail pierced handsI wanted to keep this present to the utmost secrecy. Once everything was prepared, I came out with an entourage of limos and close family and friends wanting to surprise her with a dream like wedding with an awesome celebration to follow after. That was the plan until I found out when I arrived at her house that she wasn’t there. Her parents wouldn’t let me in even when I asked about her and they both lied to me when they said that she had gone to the church to pray for my return. I went to the church that is located behind us now, and I was locked out by the priest because he thought I was a ghost who had come back from the dead and nobody around would tell me where she was even though I tried everything I knew how to do to find answers. I thought that she would wait for me, but I soon found out later on that she had rejected me for some other guy and now my heart is completely shattered. ”

Simone saw tears flowing from this gentle soul’s face. Those tears ached so badly that she didn’t know how to console His bleeding heart. It was clear that He was hurting tremendously and as incredible as His story sounded, it felt like a familiar story that she had heard somewhere before…but where had she heard this story before????

“Simone”, the Man said with a low but calm voice “Please do this one favor for me.”

Simone look at Him as she wiped her tears and nodded for Him to continue with His request. She had no idea when her own flood of tears had started to flow down her face, but one thing she couldn’t deny was that her heart ached hearing an even more tragic tale of a love gone cold in comparison to her fall out with her boyfriend of 12 months and 3 days. Why were they both so unlucky??? Isn’t there any hope for such hopeless romantics? Simone felt like she needed another drink. This guy’s story was making her remember things she wanted to forget. Maybe I should offer Him to have a drink at my place she pondered, knowing that He might say no to her offer seeing as how she had just met Him on such a lonely night as this. The beautiful stranger turned to face Simone as he took a hold of both her hands in His to asked her this one important request that He had been wanting to ask her all night,

“Simone, please help me find my bride and when you find her please give her this message….”

Story to be continued in Pt. 3 Registered & Protected

6 thoughts on “The Man by the Bus Stop Pt. 2

  1. Very touching story indeed!
    All the pain the saviour went through for the church…
    Looking foward to the next episode. You really are giving it your time and it is worth it.
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Great post, it really implies the LIFE, DEATH, RESURRECTION, and the constant heartache that GOD faces every day when the doors to the hearts of people are locked as he tries to enter HIS CHURCH


    • Thank you for your encouraging comment. You are definitely capturing the message of this story. Very perceptive. The cliff hanger is going to conclude soon so check back for part 3. Thanks for reading.

      Sherline 😀


  3. Oh no! The stranger even had a sadder tale! Wow, if you put it this way, as in, making it relatable to our time and age it makes it harder to believe that people would hurt Jesus. He’s just too innocent. Why would anyone not love this kind and gentle spirit, who left his father’s castle to fight a war…even when He was dying all He could think of was His bride. It kinda makes me guilty when i think of how many times I’ve wronged the Holy Spirit by lying 😦

    Nice story here, Sherline! Next part pleassse! 🙂


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