Jacob’s Story: The Ex-Pimp restored in Christ

Hi everybody!

Today I just want to post a clip called Jacob’s story.

He’s an ex-Pimp who got out of the human-trafficking crime syndicate who didn’t realize that his role was actually facilitating the further Rape & Sexual exploitation of young minors broken into a crime ring of Prostitution and Pornography in South Africa.

Most of the prostitutes are from Thailand tricked into coming into South Africa only to be forced into sold slavery. When I saw this clip I was reminded of the previous testimony that I posted of Danielle who was an ex-porn star who got out of the business because of the true evils that lie within the business of Pornography. Pornography isn’t simply watching a movie or two thinking you aren’t harming anybody. The true nature of it is undercover sexual slavery and exploitation of young children mainly girls who are mostly forced  and coerced into the industry. Some may land into it by choice like Danielle, but even in Danielle’s case, the presence of violence and brutality that De-humanizes these women young and old still remains a big factor in subjugating them to be exposed to further abuse and exploitation. We already know that Pornography is a multi-billion dollar making industry and the Men and women who engage in viewing porn, facilitate further violence by proxy by feeding into those that produce porn on the basis of supply by demand. This whole thing disturbs me greatly and I hope that people open up their eyes to see what is really going on underneath their noses and you may choose to re-tweet, re-blog or email or facebook this post so that people can see the realities of Human-trafficking, prostitution and pornography to expose this truth.

May this open up people’s eyes rather than bury their heads in the sand.  God bless you everybody.


7 thoughts on “Jacob’s Story: The Ex-Pimp restored in Christ

  1. The Lord belss you Sister Sherline.Youre a great Ambassador for the faith. Love your multifaceted variery of topics and thought provoking posts.
    Stay incredible
    Brother Paul


    • Thanks Bro Paul. God has made me to be a diverse individual. I like variety so I try to shake up topics that aren’t touched on to keep me grounded in the Word.

      Blessings to you my friend!

      Sherline 😀


    • Thanks Marianne for watching and commenting.

      Yes, it is a sad shocking reality when you put faith in a place that you hope offers protection and all it can do is “pray”….. The thought that runs through my mind…is what Jesus would say… “The least that you have done for this person you have done to me as well’. May God have mercy on us for turning away those in desparate need of practical assistance.


  2. Good day Sherline

    I am Jacob in Jacobs Story. First of all thank you for posting it. I know the story has touched many lives through the Grace of God. I have been fighting human trafficking now for 7 years. The sad thing is that it is still a struggle to get the church involve. I’ve had many promises over the years of churches and Christians that will get involved and assist in fighting with us. In 7 years not one has done anything.

    This is a very dark word and satan is using human trafficking to create havoc and the church is sitting back and doing nothing. It’s very sad. But we are fighting with what God gives us on a daily basis and over 200 girls has been saved over the years. Thank you once again for posting the video!

    Be Blessed


    • Hi Jacob!

      Thank you for replying to this post. I am honored that you would comment on my blog. I believe that human trafficking needs as much exposure as it should get. Evil manages to remain triumphant when it is hidden or ignored. Your story is so amazing and life transforming that it was worth sharing. I am disheartened to find that not one church has fulfilled its promise to involve itself with this issue. You will find that sometimes the reasons why some churches refuse to get involved is that certain members are involved in the issue of human trafficking. When you have wolves in sheeps clothing involved in human trafficking, you will find it to be a struggle to find support from such places that have hidden agendas. Despite all that, keep the good fight of faith. God will align you with the right people to fight human trafficking in South Africa. My small part in this is to make it an issue through the use of social media. Your part has been to expose the reality of it through your testimony. It may seem like nothing is going on, but it’s the little things that create the largest change.

      The more exposure your story gets the more people will be informed and help will come in the least likely of places. Sometimes, you will find that God can use someone that is the least likely to be used to be the answer to your problem. If not found in the church then God can take anybody from anywhere to make things happen. I believe that 100%. God bless you for the 200 girls that have been saved. Your work is not done in vain. God will bless the works of your hands and Satan is not strong enough. The fight you are fighting is intense but not many are willing to do what you are doing. It takes courage to face demons for what they are and to fight for what is right.

      My encouragement to you is today is to “Trust God and He will bring provision to the vision”.

      God Bless you Brother!
      Sherline 😀


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