Commentator Award

Hi Everybody!

Well, this past weekend, I was graced with another award from the blazing trail  called the Commentator Award. Thank you dear friend for this nomination that I truly was not expecting. I just met the blazing trail a few weeks ago and I would totally recommend visiting their blog. They have amazing material. Thank you once again for the award and God bless you!

It seems like there are no rules for this award, but I will give out some recommendations. I have read many blogs and I am amazed by the amount of creativity and knowledge that exists in this blogosphere. I could mention many great talents out there but I’ll just list a few here that I think are deserving. Check them out because I know their minds will bless you. Have a blessed day everybody!











18 thoughts on “Commentator Award

  1. Just keep on speaking the Word of Truth and many will see and their hearts will listen as we pray! I am going to check out blazing trails. Thanks sister


  2. Finally on a real computer! Congratulations Sherline!!!!! You’re such an inspiration to me. I know you must be tired to hearing this (or not, lol) but its true. More divine wisdom for you from the Lord in Jesus name, amen! 🙂


  3. Hi Sherline,

    I finally made it! 🙂 Congratulations on your nomination for this award. You are quite the commentator, and well deserving of this honor. God has richly blessed you, and you so willingly share your gifts with us! For that, I thank you. I would also like to thank you for nominating me for this award. 🙂 God bless you!



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