Witchcraft in the Pews – Engaging in Strategic Spiritual Warfare

Jesus, the Greatest intercessor for the World

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Wow is it ever so hot today? I still feel under the weather so please keep me in prayer everyone.

Well, today I want to touch on a subject that came across as interesting for those of us engaged in Spiritual Warfare. I watched a video that a friend of mine forwarded to me of Pastor Benny Hinn talking to Bishop George Bloomer about his new book called Witchcraft in the Pews.  I just heard about the book recently but I’m gonna recommend it here that y’all go and get it. I am so excited to get the book because I’m interested in spiritual warfare since I’m always engaged in it everyday. As intercessors, I think it should be our prerogative to enhance our prayer lives if we want to be an effective spiritual war-faring church. I will post the videos below since they are in 2 parts, but when I watched them I can tell you that so many things started to reel in my mind. As a church we are all called to intercede and engage in Spiritual Warfare but how many people understand what type of warfare that they are in and will encounter? Check out these videos before I continue on with the subject.

Spiritual warfare isn’t so much dealing with spirits and demons as it is with dealing with people. Jesus was always engaged in spiritual warfare in His ministry not by “demonic spirits” all the time but by people who tried to intimidate Him, manipulate Him, and in different instances tried to dominate Him with their accusations, lies, back-biting and with their constant harassment trying to discredit his identity as the Messiah. Obviously, when you are anointed, you will attract adverse people who operate with a witchcraft spirit.

David is the best example of what it means to combat a witchcraft spirit when you look at the life of Saul. Saul was out for David’s blood in a way that isn’t normal for a person. He wasn’t just jealous of David, he hated David with a passion because the divine favour of the Lord was upon Him and had left Saul because of his rebellious behaviour (1 Samuel 15:22-24). As a consequence of Saul’s rebellion, Prophet Samuel had been commissioned by God to anoint David to become the next King of Israel because David was God’s choice to whom was elected because of the type of heart David had towards his love for the Lord. David is indeed special because the weight of Glory that was upon his head was the kind that every time David went into battle, he would always win because He had the favour of God on His side. David is a champion of Spiritual warfare literally because his success in battles were a result of his Reverential Fear of the Lord (Wisdom) and his level of Obedience to God was indeed stellar and characteristic of his humility. We must learn what it means to be a David in order to understand how to engage in everyday battles effectively with people we encounter on a daily basis with wisdom and discernment.

1 Peter 4:17
For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?

This is something I am sensing greatly in my spirit right now and I know some people won’t like what I have to say but I have no fear in saying what needs to be said.

The Alarm bells are ringing in the wake of ungodly decrees being spoken into the atmosphere by political leaders that are pronouncing changes in laws that will in effect, legalize such perversions that deviate from biblical principles. We are at a critical time this year and a lot of things need to be addressed without fear because the days are becoming evil.

Some church leaders are able to do this without fear because they reverence God more than people (Thank GOD), while other leaders are too tolerant and afraid to address these hot issues because they don’t want to “offend anybody” all because they fear people more than God. My friends….Saul preferred to please people rather than offend them with the righteousness of God and it is that type of Saul-like attitude that prophet Samuel had no choice but to tell it to him like it is and call out on the fact that Saul’s rebellious attitude is as the sin of Witchcraft and as a consequence of his behaviour, God had rejected him from being KING.  This isn’t a mystery here folks. There will be some serious dethroning of Sauls this year as the Davids rise up. Yes, the Davids will rise up in this year of Divine Government and those that operate like Saul will be judged accordingly to the measure of their rebelliousness. I know what I am saying sounds bold, but I really believe this will happen this year and this is what I am hearing in my spirit. We cannot afford to be people-pleasing like Saul at the expense of our relationship toward our obedience to God. We have to Fear God more than man and if it means offending some folks then so be it. Obedience is better than people-pleasing.  

Witchcraft isn’t so much potions and hexes as some people would have it. Those that practice voodoo and the black arts are into the occult. Divination of spirits which also include those that call on the dead and so on are another form of witchcraft that is occult related, but the witchcraft I am referring to today is of  the kind whereby people operate with a rebellious spirit through the use of intimidation, manipulation, domination and control of another persons will against their own. This is very much like a SAUL-like spirit.  Anything that targets at controlling someones will against their own is witchcraft. You will be surprised how rampant it is in your families where you have at least one controlling member(or members) in the family that you don’t like that somehow call the shots on how and who you should marry, how many kids you should have and seek to control the lives of other members through coercive actions and intimidation tactics that break peoples spirit, break peoples relationships and destroy families altogether. Such people are also found in the Church *surprise surprise* who attempt to manipulate members in the congregation or in ministries to obey them using spiritual manipulation by quoting scriptures out of context to suit their agenda to drive people with guilt to perform a specific task, or coerce them to sin rather than convict people with the Word to change their ways by addressing sin that leads to repentance and reconciliation. These are classified as wolves in sheep’s clothing, and we can go as far up as the people involved in the political realm who do the same exact thing but they use the law to control the masses. When I see what is going on in the United States right now, especially in the political arena…I can tell you for sure that there is a heavy unleash of the  Witchcraft spirit in the nation that is allowing for open doors of perversion by the ungodly decrees that are being spewed out as legislation and “promises” that are being spoken out without much thought to the future consequences.  If there was any time that the nation needed to fast and pray, now is the time.

The war is indeed very real people. Unfortunately, the church also has a lot of people operating in witchcraft within their four walls in that it has failed to combat the Jezebellian spirits, the Leviathan spirits, the Haman spirits, etc etc effectively because there is a breach within the Church in the leadership that continues to carry on in apostasy. I am not saying that every Church in the world is like this, but what one church fails to do effects the entire Body of Christ. The Catholic Church and some of the churches in North America and Europe need to wake up and realize that you can’t fight a war outside your walls, if you are already subdued from the enemies within. I could name many more spirits, but the most important thing to understand here is that the Church is a microcosm of what is happening in the world in the grand scheme of things. The apostasy that allows for child sexual abuse, adultery, homosexual affairs, physical abuse, spiritual abuses etc etc in the Church has opened the doors in the realm of the world for such things to be legalized into the land. That is why the Body of Christ needs to wake up! Spiritual war-faring churches need to get serious and consider that if you can’t kick out the stuff in your own house…how can you battle with things outside your own house? What I mean to say is that if you can’t deal with the issues inside the church….then how can a Church deal with spirits that are at a political level?  You can only do this when you teach the Church to pray effectively to expose the sin within and then dealing with it with a spirit of love that does correct, rebuke, and train people into the path of righteousness (2 Timothy 3:15-16). It’s one thing to get people to pray as one body…but an effective Spiritual War-faring church needs to learn more about target prayers. They need to learn strategic methods of prayer that hits the spiritual wickedness that lurks in high places and for God to expose that which hides in the dark.

Ephesians 6:12
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Repentance is key, Humility is key, Forgiveness is key, Healing and Deliverance is Key but now it’s time to get on the offensive and start decreeing and declaring as one voice for change that shifts all the evil decrees that are being spoken into being to become nullified so that the Hand of God moves towards our favor.

The Church should not keep their mouths shut…we should speak up. There is so much I want to say on the same topic, but I think I’ll stop here for now. As a final note, I totally recommend getting Bishop Bloomers new book Witchcraft in the Pews to get read up and girded up for spiritual warfare because we need to get stronger as Christians for the coming days if we want to remain effective in Spiritual Warfare. If you don’t know how to pray effectively, read books on prayer to strengthen yourself. Where you lack knowledge to perform a duty requires you to seek out information actively so that you can operate with wisdom. If people want to sit idly and remain complacent in their prayer lives, then I’ll say that you have no right to speak up about anything if you aren’t actively involved in becoming a solution to a problem.

A lot of times trouble can be avoided by implementation of preventative measures to ensure low risk to exposure to threats of harm, which is something companies do all the time. They plan ahead strategically to avoid problems by calculating risks.This is called Risk Management. Unfortunately, the body of Christ is too busy working on Damage control to work on Risk Management. Christians need to do the same thing…calculate risks and start to plan ahead of time before problems start to surface. The voice of the Christians should always be loud…but we are drowning in complacency and ignorance which has allowed open doors that should have remained shut on the land to become open. As intercessors we need to learn to be sensitive about such issues and learn to prepare by remaining on the offensive to be effective when it comes to defensive spiritual warfare. Let’s start to wisen up and study David so that we can be effective in battle just like he was. The key to effective  Spiritual Warfare prayer is in the analysis of the Champions in the Bible. Read up on what they did to overcome the schemes of their enemy(ies) so that you can overcome yours.


Well to end off this post, I have a song from Dietrick Haddon called This Church. When I heard this song I absolutely fell in love with it. Actually, I love a lot of songs from his new album. I pray that it ministers to you today.  God Bless you Everybody.

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6 thoughts on “Witchcraft in the Pews – Engaging in Strategic Spiritual Warfare

  1. You’re awesome, Sherline! I love your blog because you always point to Jesus 🙂 I love the way Benny Hinn preaches-no sugar-coated messages, he always does his best to equip us. Thank you so much for posting this. It was just the refresher course I needed today-PRAISE JESUS, who was and IS, and IS TO COME 😀


  2. […] This also means that where ever you live, seek God to have mercy in the country that you reside in. Do not by any means negelect to pray for your country of residence…because the stuff I’m seeing in regards to what is happening in the USA is due to issues of apostacy, complacency and a moral decline in our present generation as lawlessness and perversion is promoted on a continual basis through various mediums in the arts and entertainment industry and now in law… All I can say is that this is just the beginning for America if the people refuse to change their ways… If you have no idea what I’m talking about  right now, refer back to a previous post I wrote about called Witchcraft in the Pews. […]


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