Practicing an Attitude of Gratitude – Always Give Thanks

Hi Everybody!

I am soooo lovin’ this weather we are having that it’s something worth giving God praise for. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each day is a gift and as you know I’m one who emphasizes a lot on having an attitude of gratitude. Yesterday, I was tested on this very same thing I tell you. I was given a task to do at work that required some traveling to various locations with some important legal documents and it took me about 2 and a half hours to complete the task because the mornings is the best time to do anything. When I got back, I was given an additional task related to the first one, but the person who left me with this errand in the first place had failed to compile the documents together initially in one shot to make it a one trip affair. I was a little….no, I admit… I was quite annoyed. I tried to be a sport about it…and the person who left the task on my desk upon my return had miraculously run away from the office before I could talk to them about why they hadn’t put the stuff together so that I don’t make another round trip. Despite all that…I realize that the person must have felt really sorry for their actions and hence were “missing in action” trying to avoid me, in order to be confronted by me regarding their error.

My boss had already spoken to them and corrected them, so I felt there’s no need to hold a grudge and just let go of the situation and move on and do what needs to be done. Up I went to do what I had to do the 2nd time around leaving the mountain that’s left on my desk from just being away from the office for a week, WHOA!!!! The great thing was that the weather was gorgeous! I had to travel here and there in downtown Toronto and walk a lot so I had my exercise for the day. I started to laugh out loud to myself thinking “Well, I’m spending most of my time outside the office today so this must be a blessing from God.

Sometimes when I giggle to myself out loud people think I’m crazy 😀 but lol it happens when joy just sets in on my face and in my heart. It wasn’t raining  thank God, and by the time I came back to the office I had only an hour and a half to complete my day to do some stuff around my desk. I decided rather than grumbling about the whole thing, I could joke about it and write about it here and consider that my life can be a comedy at times. There’s nothing like having a sense of humor. As trivial as what I encountered seems, I thought to myself that God still showed me what to be thankful for in my busy and industrious day. I thank God that I have a job with a variety of personalities that challenge me. I’m thankful that God blessed me with an attitude that looks for the positive in the negative. I thank God for the sunshine and no rain when I can bask in the warm weather and I thank God that I can write about my day here and share with you who read my blog how GOD continues to remain AWESOME!!!!!!

I thank God for a spirit filled week I had last week and a short work week this week for me. I praise God for showing me how He is in my day and how He corrects my behaviour when it needs correcting. I thank God for giving me reasons each day to give Thanks and Praise. I thank God for training me to have an Attitude of Gratitude. Being thankful gives no room for self-pity, aggression and jealousy. It helps us consider that the finer things in life come in the smallest packages that are with us each day. When we lose our reason to be thankful, it is because we have lost sight of what is important. The very important things that we have in life are things that lay before us and sometimes we take such things for granted when we are bitter and enraged, and sometimes the important things slip right by us and we are left feeling empty because we cultivated a heart that saw only problems and closed our vision for all the blessings that lay before us everyday. Consider that you reading this message is a gift from God today and be thankful, because Jesus’ Resurrection gives us a renewed strength and faith to believe that there is always a reason to give God praise. So today, be thankful and lift your hands and give Thanks and Praise to God for the day you are having. Some did not live to see today, but you did.

I have already given you a reason to Praise Him and bless Him with your lips so remain blessed today Everybody!!!! Registered & Protected

11 thoughts on “Practicing an Attitude of Gratitude – Always Give Thanks

  1. I was saying the same thing about our weather in the UK …glorious at the moment. by the way Sherline where are you in this world, are you in UK? …. the reason why I ask, Americans talk of the weather if its a hurricane Brits talk of the weather just because today is different than yesterday… Anyway, the Lord’s weather be with you.



  2. Sherline! Where’ve you been? I love your line “I’m thankful that God blessed me with an attitude that looks for the positive in the negative.” How important it is to give God the Praise no matter what challenges lie ahead of us. I’m thankful for a PC and internet connection that enables me to read and comment on this blog regularly. It is indeed a blessing. 😀


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