Arguments can help us reach to a mutual understanding or lead us into confusion. At the end of the day it is wise to choose your battles wisely and consider that it is better to listen than to be heard. You discover more information in the flow of a conversation.

Wise Counsel

Have you ever encountered an argument?
Have you been involved in one?
Was it eventually resolved?
Are you looking foward to another?
I would really like to know your view on these even though I’ll tell you mine.
I’ve encountered numerous arguments in my life time and have been involved as well. I once discovered some secrets that always gave me an edge but soon I learnt some more things and put arguments aside.
“Life is full of arguments, there are always points to prove. The way we go about them would often influence much.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Sometimes it’s about belief, sometimes it’s about laws, sometimes it’s on procedures and sometimes it’s of facts.
Arguments are often done with words but that’s not the only way; you may prove points with actions just as you do with words.
The moment I learnt of actions I saw that it mattered…

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