Do you need an Ananias to recover your sight so that you can see GOD?

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I was an orphan in London before I was adopted by two Welsh folks who took me to Wales where I grew up, I met my natural mother about seventeen years ago, the experience  was amazing, I have however, yet to meet my father, I know nothing about him not even his full name. I know his first name but If had his name in full, I could find out about his work where he lives right now and know him in person.

The blessing of being a child of God is that we know our God, our father, intimately and what a pleasure it is to know his name. The name he has given to us gentiles, the name that shows us who he God is. The invisible made visible, then unknown, now known, God  in the flesh. Jehovah who has become my Jesus. The everlasting Father who has…

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