Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Rules for this award:

1.Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass the award to 7 nominees


Thank YOU!

Thank you Celeste from her Mortal Hearts with Immortal Souls blog and sister Sharanelle from her nothappeninonmywatch blog for this nomination for this award. I feel a lot of emotions running through my mind as I consider what it means to be and “Inspiration”. When I first started this blog, I was doing it for fun and not really thinking I could add to anyone with whatever thoughts that came to mind because I was doing it for my own reasons. I figured what I had to say wasn’t really something that would grab anyones attention let alone touch someone because these are my personal thoughts, and I didn’t really expect to have an audience, but over time, I feel the direction of my writing journey changing in that I now long not so much to gain an audience but to write things that matter to me the most. If it touches someone or uplifts them in some way then I feel blessed by that. The mere fact of blessing someone makes me happy. Encouragement is what I live for. I am inspired to inspire but I live more to just bless people with whatever words of wisdom or words of encouragement that I wish were laid out to me when I was going through life without direction. It is meaningless to wonder around in life with no aim, with no goals, with no target and with no direction. Writing has been an amazing self-therpeutic experience for me and I am happy when others are able to empathize and/or feel encouraged by the thoughts that lay within my heart. Thank you Celeste once again for this nomination. I hope to continue on this path of inspiration in my future posts. Who would have thought that others would be interested in my thoughts? *chuckle*

7  Lovely things about myself

1. I love pizza– it is the best creation of vegetables and meat, and all kinds toppings ever made known to man. I’m sure you’d agree with me right??? right??? lol.

2. I love JESUS! so worship is a big part of my life because of what He represents for me and I sing in a Choir to maintain that place that means so much to me. PRAISE IS WHAT I DO.

3.Chapters Indigo is a cool hangout place….all I see is books and I’m in Heaven. I think that if I had one room in my humble abode that would be my haven, it would be a big study room library and I’d have books on every wall.

4. Spring is my favourite season of the Year. Flowers and life springing forward during this season is always and is most definitely an exhuberant display of Gods creation in all it’s glory at this moment and I wish the Lord could have made it an all year round season but it’s like that Beatles song, “To every Season, turn, turn, turn…” lol.

5. I am a Twin. Surprise! When I am by myself, people find me to be so much of an individual that they find it hard to accept I have a double when I tell them about my sister… I guess 1 Sherline is enough in this world lol. I must be too much – In a Good Way I hope!  lol

6. I Studied Criminology and I love the show Criminal Minds, Bones, CSI etc and read books like Sherlock Holmes and stuff related to it…I just love things to do with that area with law. Crime is interesting as it is also quite a fearful subject matter as well.

7. If I had to choose between living on a hill and living on a plain, my grandfather would say

                “It’s always better to live in a high place because you will always escape the flood.” 

                “touché Granpa! touché ! ” (French: You got me there)

I agree with him completely but I think my reason is just to have that scenic view of the land  and being able to watch the sunrise and sunset in the horizon, so yeah, I love high places and make sure to live in areas of high elevation in any country because that is the safest place to be. Don’t you all agree?

7  Nominees

These nominees have amazing blogs and I am pretty sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I have.

I also want to thank Nadie of and Rolain of for the renomination of this award

Stay Blessed Everybody! 

24 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. A perfect award for you! You always inspire.daily with your post!! God is absolutely your center. I love that. I also love criminal minds. I discovered it last Summer and who knew it was such a great show! Wow a twin! that is so cool lol. Thanks for the nom you rock!


  2. Jesus Christ the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever.

    Thanks for the nomination. Well, I must say am new in this…. Anyway, congrats to you.
    I would use this opportunity to say God bless you for everything.

    I pray for you.
    It is well


    • Thank you Michele and I congratulate you to. Your written work is really a beacon of hope for those who have struggles in their own walk. Keep up with the great work because I know it’s blessing people out there as much as it has blessed me 😀

      Stay Blessed 😀


  3. Thank you Sherline for nominating me, wow …I’m delighted to be your friend and be a part of your blog award, which I think is an amazing idea, to connect and make friends. Often times we loose the very basic essence of human life, which is friendship…. You’re connecting!

    Here are seven things about me

    1. I thank God daily for life and knowing him. I think that if one can believe in a God in heaven then anything that could be done on earth, is possible to him.
    2. I was an orphan as a child. But was adopted by Christian parents who took me to Wales where I grew up..
    3. I Pastored a church in Wales. UK in one of the valleys where they had revival in the early 1900s and I became a missionary at 35 to America. I Loved preaching at small churches holding revivals.
    I believe eveyone should go on a missons trip once in their lifetime.
    4. I love writing. I dont think I’m good it it I just do it because it’s what I’m passionate about. I think your passion should determine what you work on, not what you are are good at..
    5. I would like to go to Kentucky and live in the sticks with the country folks and preach Jesus. That would be heaven for me..Isn’t that a song? Maybe I would sing that too!
    6. I believe the new rich are those who have wealth on the inside, while the poor still have money in the bank…anyway!…
    7. People matter…. why they are God’s gift to you. How you celebrate them becomes your gift back to them.

    Stay amazing….



    • Wow Paul, you bring a wealth of knowledge in your blog and I thank you so much for sharing so much about yourself here.

      Thank you so much for being an inspiration to others that you minister to out there. The Gospel is the light that the World needs to see. Your testimony about being and orphan and still being able to Love God despite your circumstances and still remain on fire for God is highlighted in the passion I see in your writing. I want people to see that as well so I too wish and pray for you to Stay Amazing, Stay blessed and May God continue to bless you in all that you do to advance His Kingdom here on Earth.

      Thank You Paul for being my new blog friend.


  4. Congratualtions, dear nightshade! Very well deserved award! I also enjoy oiyabrown! I love spring and I love Jesus and I love pizza and loved growing up living on a hill!


  5. Congrats! I also like Criminal MInds and pretty much anything to do with Crime, I knew GOD place us in each other life along time ago for a reason!. Thats what I’m talking about another Spring Lover! God Bless 🙂


  6. Hi Shirlene, .. Could I do a written interview about your award scheme to post on my Blog? If youre interested let me know your email or whatever is convenient for you.


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