10 ways to break an addiction….

As in every problem solving situation, one must first recognize there is a problem. It is a key element. There was a man who was suffering from severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms (DTs) and his family rushed him to a detoxification center where he underwent treatment for several weeks. He was told not to return to the same environment because he would be extraordinarily tempted to slip back into his old habits and old ways. He deliberately went back home. He went right back to his old ways, and two years later was found dead in his closet. It appeared he was trying to get dressed for work. There are so many other stories where people’s lives have been ruined by addictions, and never acknowledging they have a problem.

There is hope!

10 ways to break an addiction…..

2 thoughts on “10 ways to break an addiction….

  1. Extremely helpful to me in working with some new church friends who are still fighting against various addicitons. I really like that Pastor Mike included the line about some people worshipping their church work and their children! The only rightful object of worship is our Heavenly Father!


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