Destiny Seekers as Priority Builders

When we think of obedience it often seems like we are given a whole bunch of rules that restrict us from doing “What we want” but the truth is we need to have a set of Guidelines that direct us to cultivate a balanced personality, a Christ-centered character that helps us build our image into what God wants us to be. This is all choice driven and obedience requires self-control and a mind that is willing to yield to divine wisdom and wise counsel about daily affairs. What or who is ordering your steps?

This is question I asked in an earlier post and the importance of this question is to help us analyze why we aren’t reaching our full potential. To reach ones full potential, there is a need to cultivate a spirit of Humility and OBEDIENCE. I entitled this post Obedience is Better than Sacrifice at first but then decided to change the title to Destiny Seekers as Priority Builders because some people operate with a misguided view about their actions when they do the things that they do with no sense of order and balance in their activities.

We set priorities in order to function at our optimum level by managing them with a sense of balance and structure nurtured with wisdom and understanding. However, when we participate in certain activities in our daily lives such as  when we serve in the church (or places of worship), or work in the workplace,  or when handling our relationships with our family members, friends or via livingthebalancedlife.compeers, etc. we sometimes handle our affairs carelessly when we operate in a “My way or the Highway” philosophy. We not only handle these important areas carelessly, but we inevitably increase the probability of breaking our treasured relationships with this level of arrogance. Humility is the key here yet again. We have to sit down and do some self-analysis on the areas we need to change in order to set our priorities in order, but we first have to recognize our weaknesses and admit our failures if we want to progress with this undertaking.

So Question: How have you been going about your daily business?

Let me just say this:

It’s not enough to be good at a job and yet treat your co-workers like garbage no matter how well able you are to accomplish the task.

It’s not good enough to be a mere provider for the family (if you are a man) in order to put food on the table and neglect to be a part of your children’s lives while also ignoring the fact that your wife needs to hear your affirmation of your love for her each day.

It’s not good enough women to be able to cook, clean, do laundry and in some cases go to work and not be there emotionally for your children or neglect your husbands need for intimacy and affection.

It’s not good enough kids to go to school and do your homework, get A’s and not have GOD involved or scheduled in your multitude of activities.

You can sacrifice time  and effort to make money which is an honest activity but we consequently risk the loss of our important relationships if you don’t set your priorities in order and maintain a balance with our activities. Being obedient in this sense comes from understanding what it means to maintain a heart of humility and recognizing the areas we have to improve upon to ensure we maintain a balance in all the things and activities required of us to fulfill our God-driven purpose, dreams, and destiny. Focus on building balance because when you are obedient to the call in your life, you must understand what you have to do in order to get your priorities in order to satisfy the call. Imbalance in these areas will pose as a handicap to you reaching your full potential.

Destiny Seekers are Priority Builders.

A few Sundays ago, my dear Pastor, Pastor Pat gave us a list of 5 priorities we need to maintain in a specific order to which I agree with and would like to share it with you while we are on the topic of setting priorities to fulfill our destinies and the call in our lives.

(1) God is your number 1 priority,

(2) then your Health,

(3) then your Family,

(4) then your Work, and last but not least,

(5) your Divine Network Relationships (friends and peers).

Questions to Consider:

When you have your priorities in order and listed like this you can look back on the list and ask yourself:

Where is it that I lack balance?

What areas am I neglecting?

Am I balanced?

What or who is causing me to not fully satisfy the calling in my life?

What is hindering my progress?

What do I have to do now after I recognize the areas of weakness in my behavior that is preventing me from reaching my full potential?

Who or what can help me set my messed up priorities in order?

I know that there are areas within me that need a little (if not a lot of) tweaking and sprucing up but recognizing that is the first step. Aim to work on the areas that you are lacking or neglecting so that you maintain a balance. Sometimes, we are not at peace within ourselves because we have messed up priorities. List the things that are hindering you from fulfilling your duties to each of these 5 areas and weed out the things or people that contribute to the reasons why you are unable to function to the fullest capacity in each of these areas. If we want to fulfill our destinies in this life, we have to be honest with ourselves first so that we can learn from our mistakes, our bad patterns of behavior, and change our conduct to achieve better results in these areas that need a behavioral make-over.

~~~~ Food for thought so marinate in it. Stay blessed Everyone! Registered & Protected

8 thoughts on “Destiny Seekers as Priority Builders

  1. Wow…I can’t believe we used the same scripture verse on our blogs today!!!!! Now that IS GOD!!! I know God is really trying to tell us something. I hear Him loud and clear.

    I thank God that He is so special like this and I love the way you broke it down in your blog. We serve an awesome God and we are all on the same vine…..named Jesus.

    Thanks for writing me because I would have missed this blessing!


    • It’s amazing when the Holy Spirit is talking to people about the same thing and we come into agreement in thought, deed and mind. He is definitely speaking loudly in my ears as He is yours. God bless you for your word of the day 😀


  2. I have sometimes thought I was the only one speaking of a God-integrated life. I’m glad to find you.
    I have enjoyed reading your encouraging blog. So many of us construct compartments for home, work, family, and learn to function that way. The problem comes (other than the mental health issues) when we don’t put God in all of them.


    • Thank you for your thoughtful response. I agree with you. The whole point is to find ways to walk with God. If people want to walk with Him, they have to include Him in their daily affairs. How else can you hear from Him if He’s so distant from our hearts, our circumstances, our situations, our relationships. God wants to be a part of our lives it just up to us to invite Him into our lives on a daily basis in order to Walk with Him. When we go through storms, it’s always good to know that He is with us when we develop that close knit relationship, but sometimes, people often ignore His helping hand and struggle through the storms alone. That is not what GOd intended for us. He is the only One that can calm the storms, we just have to learn to Let Him.

      Stay Blessed Jo and be imparadised in Gods embrace over your life! 😉


  3. Bless you for pointing out the right balance between the exercise of our gifts to reach our destinies and our obligations to set God-directed priorities. This actually includes exercising creativity and descretion with love in educating our loved ones about the time and space required to exercise our gifts! Very fine balance, indeed, only made possible by prayer, meditation, daily walking with HIM–and LISTENING to Him as we search out his Word frequently. Have a most blessed weekend, dear nightshade. YOU are a very balanced sister, indeed!


  4. I agree! I found that sometimes we as believers forget what it means to be a Christian. Not in only Matthew 6:33 does Jesus say seek Him first, but in Matthew 16:24 He goes into more detail: “If anyone wants to come after me, he must first deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” It is important that we constantly remind ourselves that being a Christian means Jesus has first and final say so on anything we do in our lives.


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