Candle Lighter Award

Candle Lighter Award

Read more about this Award by Kate Kresse

This Award Shared with me by J. Michel

I really Appreciate it and I am truly honored. I’m still left speechless.

This award belongs to those who believe, who always Survive the day and those who never stop Dreaming , for those who cannot quit, for those who keep trying and if you have that category you are Entitled in this Award.

I Nominate the following bloggers that fit this profile and I believe you’ll enjoy reading their blogs:



Brandon Render

Paulette’s blog



Russell Mazonde

Joyce de Vivre

Tarisai Mzwimbi

18 thoughts on “Candle Lighter Award

    • Thank you for your blessing Jessie 🙂 I am still overwhelmed. This has been indeed a Merry Christmas for me. I wish you and your family an Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Our God is a God of abundance. Stay blessed!


  1. You have certainly lit a candle in my blogging and writing life, Sherline! Congratulations again! A Light unto the Nations, that is what young women writers such as yourself really are.


  2. Congratulations! You are definitely a blessing to those who read your work. I appreciate your consistency, as well as your humble spirit. Also, I appreciate you nominating me for this award. That was really nice of you. May God bless you, and keep you in His care.



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