Welcome to Pity Party – Please do not RSVP me!

So I just want to address this really quickly with an analogy. This analogy is something I came up with after contemplating about a few individuals that I have come across in my walk that have had this Pity Party attitude games that they play.


Location:  In a dark hole called “the PIT”.

Directions: Look down…no I mean way down…like 6ft under down.

Who’s Invited?: Hey, 1 is lonely, 2 is a party, 3 is a crowd but Hey…the more the merrier.It’s a kicking party down in here!

What to Bring: Your “poor-me” attitude, glasses of bitterness,  Haterade beverages, cupcakes of depression, a bag of negativity or oodles of sadness napkins and jars of tears, bottles of emotionalism, Gifts of stubbornness and complaining party hats for a game of insanity twister, pretentious charades, unforgiveness chess, hatred dominoes, etc, etc…

Please RSVP by the Deadline: Anytime soon, like NOW.

I know what you must be thinking…this party sure feels like one I will most likely NOT attend!”

I know that I’ve put it in a comical kind of way but seriously, Pity Partying is a serious issue. I have engaged with people that try to swing me into their pits of depression and I’ve tried to curb their negative complaining attitude with positive confessions for their soul, but if a person is stubborn about not changing the way they think, you can only do so much with that. Leave them in God’s hands because you will feel drained trying to change them. They have to be willing to get out of that negative downward spiral of emotions.

Pity Partying is like a Person in a pit.

From my experience it’s like looking down that hole where the person is and throwing them a rope to get them out and they refuse it. I then throw a ladder to make it easier for them to climb out and they won’t climb it. I then build an escalator and they won’t ride it, I make an elevator and they won’t jump into it, I even ask for the angels to come down from Heaven and go in there and pick them up and they reject them….*sigh*……. It becomes clear to me at such points that their stubborness is what holds them in that serious level of BONDAGE. You can work with all might and power but if they are NOT WILLING to be SET FREE from that ongoing cycle, you have to let go of them and let the Lord deal with their cantankerous spirits. My Pastor, Dr. Pat Francis always says in some of her preaching that “When the student (Us) is ready, the Master (God) will appear”. I say Yea and Amen to that! It’s soo true…because you have to have a teachable spirit in order to walk in divine healing, receive deliverance and be set free from the bonds that hold you from pursuing greatness, purpose and destiny.

Understand that I’m not suggesting that you ignore these people who exhibit these traits completely, all I’m saying is know when what you’ve done isn’t enough and just allow God to take over that situation when you encounter someone in the pity-party zone and refuses to get out of it.  It hurts to see people trapped in this crazy cycle but you also have to guard yourself in that you don’t get caught up in the other individuals waves of depression. Depression is contagious so be aware of that when you are ministering to people.

Pray to God and God will reveal strategic methods in dealing with such a negative spirit.

Zechariah 4:6
So he answered and said to me: “ This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘ Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the LORD of hosts.

Remember that when you encounter such people in your life,  seek wisdom, pray for guidance and recognize that it is only when they co-operate with God in Faith, that they will be set free from such negative emotions and experience fullness of JOY.

Psalm 16:11
You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

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12 thoughts on “Welcome to Pity Party – Please do not RSVP me!

  1. I deal often with someone with this type of attitude. I try my best to use wisdom when dealing with them, especially because they are much older than me. Thank you for posting this. I will allow God to help them because I cant. Trust me I’ve tried.


    • I’m glad if this helped you. It can be discouraging when the person you are ministering too isn’t very cooperative, but that’s when we must seek God’s hand to step in and help to deliver and heal that person. In the end some people choose the rough road to get their healing and it’s really a choice thing in the end.


  2. truth as it is, and straight to the point!!!:D one can only do so much for another, and only GOD determines the final outcome. they say “your attitude determines your altitude” if you have a positive one, you move forward; a negative one will not only hold you back, but it will pull you backwards as well! people at times fail to understand that faith is a two way process, and, as a result, fail to see that the miracle they so desperately need lies in them merely seeing things from a different perspective


    • How true that is Atton! Thanks for sharing your great input. I find that it’s difficult to encourage faith in those stubborn in faithlessness. Indeed it is a two way street here. You can only receive what you are willing to and for those that plant seeds of faith into these ones…pray over the seed because maybe it was necessary for you to be the one to plant/sow it and God may use another to water it and later on… when the environment is just right that faithless person will germinate in faith when they least expect it and that will be a revival harvest. It’s all about putting your faithful efforts into God’s hand. Never believe your efforts are wasted despite the discouraging outlook of the persons lack of cooperation, just know when to let go of difficult cases and Let God. 🙂 stay blessed my brotha


  3. That was a very witty, but thought provoking messsage. I love how you linked patience and joy together as the proper way to wait upon the Lord.


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